It has been a while since demonetization took us by surprise. I still remember I was in the market when a notification on my phone flashed saying that Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 would no longer serve as a legal tender post-midnight. Soon then, I went to a local vendor for food and the higher currency notes were denied. And it did not take much time for e-wallets like FreeCharge to gain popularity in the market. As per the government, we were becoming a part of the Digital India.

FreeCharge is one of the first websites which brought a revolution in online recharges and mobile payments. Right from its beginning, they gave their users something extra with the convenience of online payment- coupons. Yes, coupons which you could use at offline stores like McDonald’s and others. Having extended into prepaid, post-paid, DTH, metro recharge and utility bill payments on all major online and offline platforms, FreeCharge is now accepted as a mode of payment over 1,00,000 online and offline merchants which include big names like McDonald’s, Snapdeal, Zomato, BookMyShow, Swiggy, Jet Airways and many more.

Let’s talk more about how easy it is to use FreeCharge Wallet and many more features that come along with it.

Simple and Effective UI



An app is bound to attract users if it has a simple and effective UI and that is something which you would find in the FreeCharge app. Just as the app opens, you know what you need to do and you don’t have to use the side or the bottom navigation to get started. From mobile recharge to DTH recharge to electricity/gas payment, each of them is just a tap away to start off with. Along with that, you are shown options to Pay or Send, Request Money, Add Money and Split Bill with the current wallet amount shown on the top right of your screen.

Easy to Add or Withdraw Money


Adding or withdrawing money from the FreeCharge wallet is as easy and quick as it can be. Right after you tap on Add Money on the home screen, you are asked the amount you wish to add to the wallet. Along with that, there’s another tab right there to withdraw money to the bank from what you have in the wallet. Enter the amount and click on Add Money to proceed. Select the mode of payment; enter the required details and Wooosh! The money is now added to your FreeCharge Wallet. Super simple, not many questions asked. As per the current RBI guidelines, you can add up to Rs. 20,000 in your e-Wallet and FreeCharge was the first e-Wallet to implement the same as soon as it was announced.

Fast P2P and P2M payments


With FreeCharge, it is very convenient to make payments to your friends/family. If a friend of yours paid for you when you were in need, you can credit him the amount right away using the Person to
Person (P2P) payment on the FreeCharge app. And yes, it literally takes less than 10 seconds to do so if you have money pre-loaded in your wallet.

As the demonetization has affected the entire market with people unable to withdraw cash from banks and ATMs, the use of e-Wallets has spread contagiously among the small shopkeepers. With the help of Person to Merchants (P2M) payments, you can pay at offline stores by either scanning the Pay Tag (Merchant Code or QR Code) or by generating an On The Go Pin on your phone. What do you need for that? So yes, you don’t need the account number or the IFSC to initiate the payment.

Chat & Pay


This is one of the very interesting features that you can use frequently. So if you’re talking to a friend and you realise you are in need of money, or rather, remind him to pay the due money, you can easily do so with the Chat-N-Pay feature on FreeCharge. All you need to do is tap on Chat & Pay at the bottom of the screen, search for the friend you want to chat with and select one of the options- Send Money, Request Money or Recharge.

Split Bill

We all come across situations when we require splitting the bill among friends. With the Split Bill option on FreeCharge, you can split every bill among your friends and hence avoid the trouble. With the help of this, you can avoid the hassles of cash and cards that take place at the time when the bill arrives when you are out with friends.

Pay with FreeCharge at these places

There are a number of large scale online and offline that accept FreeCharge payments. Some of them are:

  • SnapDeal
  • McDonald’s
  • Shoppers Stop
  • Cafe Coffee Day
  • Jabong
  • BookMyShow
  • RedBus
  • Barista
  • ClearTrip
  • Fun Cinemas

With the growing advent of cashless payments across the country, the use of e-Wallets has increased tremendously and FreeCharge is one of the leading platforms for the same. Moreover, the presence of FreeCharge as a payment mode on a lot of major apps has made it convenient for its users to use the cashbacks judiciously and get more in return. Is demonetization for the good or bad? There is certainly no answer to the same but we sure have started using eWallets like we never did before.

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