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My 15 year old broke my trust and abused all of the freedom and privileges I allowed to him. He was messed up so badly and I wasn’t in a situation to even imagine about trusting him ever again. I felt embarrassed, hurt and extremely disappointed and discussed the matter with my best friend Kate. She suggested me to help him to understand his responsibilities instead of blaming him. Then I selected parental control app which took me out of those troubles.

Overcome your anger

I was very disturbed when he wrecked our new car, caught using drugs and dropped out of his school. These all incidents were stressful and my reaction was very violent. But later I realized that I was wrong at that time. If you too parenting troubled teens don’t lose the opportunity to teach them and don’t get emotional. Instead of yelling at them it’s better to help them in learning how to make a better decision in future and how to exhibit responsible behavior.


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Get your defiant in touch with you

When the situation became disastrous, I decided to handle the mess calm fully. I discussed and hold him responsible for whatever happened in the previous months and made him ready to install an app on his phone so that I could stay connected to him. I took the decision to install FamilyTime parental control app because it was the easiest to use the app and it cost just a couple of dollars to me.


FamilyTime is a feature rich application that helps parents with:

Location tracking:

Keep track of teens’ detailed whereabouts along with the date and time stamps.


Geo-fence any address and receive instant alerts every time the child enters and exits the place.

Call log monitoring:

View call logs the same way as they appear on your child’s phone.

Watchlist contacts:

Find any contact suspicious? Add it to the Watchlist and receive push notifications every time a contact is made from either side.

Web-history monitoring:

View teens’ web-history and bookmarks to see the list of websites they visit.

Blacklist Apps:

Blacklist any inappropriate app on your child’s phone, to restrict them from using it.

SOS alerts:

Teens can send SOS alerts to parents in case of an emergency.

Lock phone remotely:

Parents can lock their teen’s phones remotely from their Dashboard to control cell phone usage. This feature can also be used in case of phone theft to prevent misuse of personal information.

On the whole, all features helped me to stay connected with him all the time and monitor whatever he was doing with his phone and where he was round the clock. It supported me to lift my parental stress but calm fully!

Deal risky teen attitude smartly

I would suggest all of the parents out there not to penalize your kids for their initial mistakes and don’t feel betrayed. Kids are naturally exciting and it’s not their fault so Instead of screaming on them teach them how to behave responsibly and hold them accountable. You can do so by staying in touch with them and monitoring them all the time, which is possible only with a parental control app. FamilyTime is an economical option, you can too give it a try because it’s quite feature packed at an affordable cost.