Thousands of iPhone 6/6 plus users have been hit by problem all across the world that has made their iPhones useless. The so-called ‘‘Error 53’’ will be unknown to many except those who are suffering. It is not sure whether or not Apple is aware about it and there isn’t any confirmation from them if they are working to deal with it. But After trying some experiments, many people discover that the issue can be solved with unlocking the phone. People buy iPhones all round the planet without realizing that the American AT&T is that the only carrier for the phone. you’ll use your new iPhone with a special carrier – but first, you’ll got to use a tool or software which can allow you to vary the carrier. don’t fall for a few 20$ fake unlocking devices or software; it’s finished free everywhere the planet . the sole few weeks ago many worldwide users were very excited to check out the release of controversial tools O2 iPhone unlock. The easiest tool to unlock your phone with IMEI number.

What is ‘Error 53’

‘Error 53’ is the message that displays on your phone when you update it to the latest iOS. Not only your phone becomes useless but all the data, be it your photos, videos or any document held in it, is also lost and cannot be retrieved.

How it gets injected?

This problem arose to those who got their phones repaired from third party non-Apple technicians. Mainly, getting TOUCH ID sensor replaced by third party vendor will put you in big trouble. Kindly avoid doing that, if your phone gets damaged.

What are the solutions to it?

There are some reports that Apple has done it deliberately to prevent fraudulent parts. It is going to force people to get it repaired by them, which is pity as it will upsurge your expense by multiple times. So far, there are no remedies to deal with it but better to take precautions. Avoid going to non-Apple technician if your phone is damaged, instead, get professional help from Riparazione iPhone. If you have already got it repaired, make sure you do not update your iPhone.

It will be highly unfortunate if Apple doesn’t take ‘Error 53’ back as users have paid a lot to get one. Even getting your phone replaced if it has any physical damage doesn’t cost less. Apple should definitely review their decision to go with ‘Error 53’.