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Thanks to The Verge, we have images of Microsoft’s Windows Phone Keyboard for iOS which the behemoth is testing before the major release to the public. As it seems, the most interesting part of the keyboard is the single hand mode that makes it easy for the users to reach out to by shrinking the keyboard to one side of the screen.

The ‘Word Flow’  as it is known, this keyboard from Microsoft is expected to bring more accurate and precise prediction technology to iOS which currently seems to be missing form the stock iOS, as a result the experience of using the keyboard would be better for the Apple users. Other than this, the keyboard features also include Word Flow, like Swipe input and an Emoji keyboard. Like a normal testing cycle in a product based company, it should be not less than 5-6 months before the company releases the fool proof keyboard to the public with an Android version in another 6 months.

Looks like an interesting update, express your views in the  comment section below.

Featured Image: The Verge

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