Apple is all set to release the iOS 9.3 and just before that, Apple showcases the preview of iOS 9.3 highlighting the major features that are set to come along this upgrade. Apple has enhanced and improved some of the existing apps as well as added some new features to make the iOS experience much more user friendly while fixing some bugs.

One of the key feature introduced in the upgrade is the ‘Night Shift’ which makes you to fall asleep by making changes in the colors of the display, shifting the color tone to yellow and inducing sleep. It is scientifically proven that exposure to Blue light effects our circadian rhythms and can make it harder for us to sleep. The Night Shift feature turns the display colors in the yellow color tones or the warmer tones of color spectrum thereby being lighter on your eyes, when you wake up the color are changed back to the blue tone. The system uses the Geolocation feature to determine the sunset time for the area you are living in and then works accordingly.

How to turn on this feature?

  1. Jump into the Settings menu options
  2. Go to Display & Brightness
  3. And head on to the ‘Blue Light Reduction’ option and turn it on
  4. You can set the options to work automatically for yourself by setting it to ‘Sunset to Sunrise’ or have a custom setup


Though the feature is not available to the public however it is available for the developers in the iOS 9.3 Beta version. Apart from this feature Apple has made the Notes application more secure by introducing ‘Touch Id’ authentication in it, now you can save all the important information like your Online Passwords, Banks account information etc in the notes app rather than using other Password storage apps. iOS 9.3 will also come with enhanced Apple Car Play and Health app, providing you more control and features. They also have introduced more features for the students for more engaging ways of learning.

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