Apple is known for its excellent amalgamation of hardware and software and this seamless integration between the two components is one of the major reasons for its success all through the journey. One of the lifeline of iOS which is the iTunes always comes to the rescue when you face problems with the iOS running on your iPhone and iPad. However this tight coupling with the iTunes has sometimes been the bottleneck, as updating and syncing the content on your iPhone or iPad  you need to connect to the iTunes.

But in this article we are going to explore one such feature which allows you sync your iPhone wirelessly over WiFi with the iTunes and this avoiding the need to connect to your Mac or Windows to update your library on iPad or iPhone. To use this option just follow the below steps which involves one time setup using the lightning cable.


  1. Connect your i-Device with the Mac or desktop to connect it with iTunes
  2. Open iTunes and click on the iPhone icon at the top left of the window
  3. Then click on the Summary option in the Settings menu on the left pane of the iTunes window
  4. On the right pane of the iTunes, scroll down to the ‘Sync this iPhone over Wifi’ and check the box
  5. Now click ‘Apply’ to make the changes to take effect
  6. The sync process will start, once it is completed you can disconnect your device from the iTunes
  7. Switch over to you iPhone and go to Setting option and then click ‘General’
  8. While scrolling down you will find an option’iTunes WiFi Sync’, hit the option
  9. A sync screen will appear showing you the name of your Mac you want to sync with
  10. Click ‘Sync’ for the process to start

And it is done, just repeat steps 7-10 whenever you would like to sync your device over Wifi. Seems to be a simple one, right?
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Just go wireless with your tasks.