With every release there comes a list of bugs to which the software is prone to and using those loopholes we create tricks that can solve the purpose. Till now it was not possible to delete or hide the unused pre-installed apps in the iPhone however because of a bug recently found by a Twitter user VBarraquito is is now possible to hide the bundle of unused apps. Although it was possible to create a simple folder of the unused apps and move that to the last home screen thereby making you not to come across those apps frequently but with this trick suggested by this Twitter user the icons of the unused apps completely disappears.

So the method is really simple and straightforward, let’s check out the steps below.

  1. Create a new folder on the iPhone screen by press holding any of the pre-installed apps you want to hide
  2. Name the folder as ‘Disappear’
  3. Move the unused app icon to the third screen in the folder and while you do this press the home button
  4. Repeat the step 3 for all the unused apps

Although this trick is temporary and as soon as you reboot the device the icons will appear again but I know a very less people who restart their device so frequently. Moreover the apps that you hide would always be accessible as they won’t actually be deleted and you can search any of them in spotlight.

Hope the trick solves your purpose. Feel free to use the comment section below in case there is any issue in the trick or you want to add something of your own.

Featured Image Courtesy: iMore