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Saavn today announced its association with Paytm with the integration of the Paytm wallet in the Saavn Pro. This association was announced in August 2015 and since then Saavn has seen a substantial rise in its subscriptions on Android devices. This integration would definitely be useful for the users since it would make the upgradation and monthly renewal for the Saavn Pro much easier and hassle free. You can upgrade your subscription to Saavn Pro by tapping the ‘Go pro’ option and following the steps mentioned.

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On this announcement Vinodh Bhat, Co-Founder and President, Saavn mentions that there are more than 100 Million mobile wallet users in total and Paytm is one of the leading option for the users, with this association there they have observed an almost double digit increase in the Saavn Pro subscriptions. He also mentions that the motive behind every partnership is to create a fluid experience for the users. Paytm recently hit a milestone of 75 Million transactions per month and has seen successful partnerships with brands like Uber, Food Panda and many more.

On this, Vijay Shekhar, Founder and CEO Paytm, mentions about the extra ordinary growth of the music streaming industry and their effort in making themselves part of this domain of the industry by this association. 

Hope this association brings in more juice to your Saavn Pro subscriptions and you can enjoy the music hassle free!

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