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Its that time of the year when almost all big names are in the phase of launching their new product. Last week Apple announced its new product including the Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus and now Microsoft has sent out the invites for its October 6 Event which would focus on new products and upgrades in different segments.

Before the launch it is almost inevitable to avoid the leaks, with this said, Microsoft has been busy releasing their Windows 10 Insider Preview builds and just before the official launch of their Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview build 10536.1004, a new desktop version build leaked online.

The Mobile build number 10536.1004 was released almost after a month of its previous build.The new mobile build released contains a lot of new features with some major bug fixes, as well as has addressed the broken functioanlities like the mobile hotspots. A major improvement to look at is that the the build now allows you to operate the device single handedly irrespective of the screen size. The Photo app has been also updated wiht a folder view and some performace improvements. Along the improvements there are some features that still don’t work, like many of the features of the defalt camera app. The mobile build is available to Insiders on Fast ring however Microsoft has warns that there would be two stage updates required for the devices to make the transition from build 10512 to build 10536.1004 and hence resulting in a longer time for the update.

The desktop version of the Windows Insider Preview build version number 10537 leaked shows that there are serveral bug fixes in the build that also introduced a new stack of bugs, which is the reason that Microsoft has not yet released the same build.

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