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Vivo X5 pro frame-gadgetadda

After about three months of launch in its home country, the X5 Pro from Vivo finally debuts in India. It is an upgraded version of last years X5 Max, which at the time of release, held the title of the world’s slimmest phone. So what all has changed, and what hasn’t? Join us as we share our early impressions.

Difference between Vivo X5 Max and Vivo X5 Pro

  • Camera: While the primary camera module is the same 13 MP unit, it is the front which has seen a bump. The resolution has gone up from 5 Megapixels on the X5 Max to a solid 8 Megapixels on the Pro. Also the camera software has been tweaked, with the addition of a rather amusing ‘fun’ mode. It also has a watermark feature which for some reason won’t allow you to add your watermarks! Hence you’ll have to make do’s with i love you’s and hi’s which again for some odd reason are considered as watermarks! The camera is also now capable of 4K UHD recording. But in the absence of OIS, not many miracles can be expected here.
  • Display Size: The screen size has been toned down, from 5.5 inches to 5.2 inches. Since the resolution has been kept the same, i.e. 1080p, the number of pixels per inch have seen a bump, from 401 to 424. Also, the display now features a 2.5 glass screen that tapers at the edges just like on an iphone 6 or the note 4.
  • Battery capacity: Last year, the X5 max caused many a controversies owing to its poor battery performance. Vivo, now finally taking the better path, has abandoned the race for ‘the slimmest ever’ title and has bumped the battery to a solid 2450 mAhs. A detailed battery breakdown is upcoming in our full review!
  • Design: While the X5 Max was by no means a slouch in the aesthetics department, the pro variant is simply ups it in every single aspect. Right from the ‘in’ ‘metal frame sandwiched by two glass slabs’ structure, to the minimal frame accentuation on the sides, the design screams premium. Contrast this to the rather disjointed look of its predecessor and things start seeming all the more better!
  • Wake screen commands: While the X5 Max also had fancy lock screen commands, being a version 1.0 release it was more of a gimmick than a useful addition. But now, the X5 Pro ups it to version 2.1 which performs much more accurately than ever before.

Vivo X5 pro design-gadgetadda

 What has not changed?

  • Processing prowess: Despite a good 6 month gap in between the two handsets, Vivo has opted for the Snapdragon 615 soc, which as many would argue is a bit dated for its time. When asked to comment upon the choice of the chipset, Vivo guys spoke of the benefits of a 64 bit processor as compared to say the 800 series. But as we all know, if it’s the architecture we must care about, the 28 bit or the 14 bit is the way to go. Also the device while being a good 10K more expensive than competitors, still packs in 2 Gigabytes of RAM as opposed to 3 Gigabytes as on the Xiaomi Mi4 or the Asus Zenfone 2 (4 Gigs here!)
  • Exorbitant Pricing: For a brand that is still trying to win customers in India, Vivo always has priced its products at the expensive side of things. The 16GB variant of the X5 Pro retails at a good 28,000 Rupees. We at Gadgetadda really want Vivo to reconsider their pricing policy for they really know how to make good quality devices. We are absolute fans of their ongoing emphasis on audio output from their smartphones. The inclusion of Hi-Fi chips is a boon for audiophiles like me. I hope others can take cue here. (Yes Xiaomi, we’re speaking of you!)

Vivo X5 pro-gadgetadda


The device is out for sale beginning the 15th of August. The two major USP’s of the device, i.e. an eye scanning technology and interpolation of imaging are sadly absent from the Indian variant. When asked, none of the launch crew at Vivo’s Indian launch event had a clue as to why Vivo skipped these two for India. But since these are software features rather than hardware, we can probably expect them in a later software update.

The major issue with most of the Chinese manufacturers is that they focus the least on a good design. Thankfully with Vivom, things are different. Also with a manufacturing plant to open within India itself, prices are certain to go down substantially. Post that, the game is all about which brand makes its way to the hearts of the consumers the most. Can Vivo actually be that brand?

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