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Are you one of those who spends more money on your phone covers than your clothes, well I am one of them and I believe my gadgets should be well dressed even if I am not.

Well, it was a fine monsoon Sunday morning and it was raining cats and dogs, here I get a parcel from FedEx, which had in it what I had expected. I got these Carbon beauties from PurCarbon which they call the Hex 6 cases, they were nice enough to send me both the variants for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, one is the Matte and the other with the Glossy finish.

They say, don’t judge the book by its cover but in this case, you would not be wrong even if you go by the cover, if you know what I mean. These Hex 6 carbon cases  by PurCarbon comes in a simple yet classy packaging which has the logo, the name and the website of the company, nothing else. The packaging has the same texture as the cases. You open the box and remove the foam, you see glossy/matte finish case lying inside. The 11gm case is way too lighter than you would expect by looking at it. This case by Purcarbon is even lighter than the other case offered by them.




As the company mentions, their founder are passionate about cars, their design and the major inspiration for the design of the Hex 6 case comes from the Lamborghini Aventador and Reventon. If you look at the ergonomics of these cars you will see their reflection in the cases. There is a very classic use of Hexagons and sharp edges in both these cars, hence in the cases.


The design of the case is by far the best of the cases I have used for my iPhone 6 Plus, it is not just amazing but also intelligent, the designers of the case kept in mind the signal issues that would have occurred as a result of using the metal around the antennas, so they cut two hexagons, one from the top and the other from the lower edge of the case. In short it, this case displays a strong and classy design.


As far as the strength is concerned, I got a chance to test it. My phone accidentally got dropped   when I was getting off the car, although the drop was merely from 2 metres but it does give you an idea of how strong the case is. It did save the screen and the back of the phone from breaking, however it could not prevent it from getting scratched, it got a couple of scratches at the right lower edge, which was  quite obvious. The design which looks great and feels great has this shortcoming of not encasing the body of the phone properly, it does not come up on the front edges for saving the edges while drop, like other cases normally do. But as they say, you can have anything but not everything.


They call themselves the premium retailers for the carbon fibre products and believe me they indeed proved to be one. These cases are surely are the representation of their love for automobiles and a reflection of what they called the luxurious lifestyle. To order one for your smartphones, just go to their website and add to the cart.

You can have a look at the pictures below and feel free to comment in the comment section below. We always look forward to suggestions and new ideas on how we can improve.



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