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Let’s start the review of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge by enlisting the pros and cons we observed after using the device for a couple of weeks.



 Innovative Design  Battery consumed really fast
 Ultimate Screen  Launch price too high
 Camera is fast and good in low light conditions  Back if very reflective and does catch finger prints easily
 Charges really fast  Non removable battery and no option to expand
 Improved finger print scanning  Too slippery to hold
 Metallic Body looks classy
 Top notch specifications


The race in innovation has started once again after a dull and monotonous period of those same steady designs from all the manufacturers, Samsung being the once having all plastic design whereas Apple having all metallic unibody design.

Samsung tried its best to make its consumer realise that Plastic was the best option for the smartphone body, since it was more robust and rugged but anyhow in the background Samsung was secretly working on its glass body design for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, that was where the Project Zero by Samsung was born, a project within Samsung to redesign its S6 and S6 Edge from scratch. And hence a fusion of Glass and Metal design was born.


So the first time you hold the device in your hand, just hide the logo and you would just not be able to guess that the smartphone is from Samsung, the look and feel is completely different and very much unconventional. It just impressed me. Although at times you will find the device a bit slippery but we can expect that since it is all glass at the back and metal on the rim, the glass at the back also raises another issue which is the smudges at the surface but I was completely ok with both of these (Design was enough to satisfy me). Another concern could be the Camera at the back protruding out. So whenever you keep your phone on the table you would fear of it getting scratched, since I am very conscious about my camera so this pissed me off.



Screen and Display

The display is the second thing after design that could make a break the deal for you and in this case its deal done. Samsung has put the industry best screen and display in this device and is by far the best offering from Samsung. It is the sharpest screen available in the market at the moment with 577 pixel per inch and with the additional edge screen, the screen looks just magnificent.

The common question that comes up these days is whether the human eye can actually appreciate that fine detail? The answer would be no but yes when observed at a very low granular level. I kept three devices in front of me which included Apple iPhone 6 Plus (401 ppi), LG G-Flex 2 (544ppi, Quad HD Display) and the Galaxy S6 Edge (577ppi).  I kept squinting at the screens for a long time watching videos, reading texts on internet and playing heavy games. Believe me its really hard to find the difference between the three screens where the Pixels vary much. This really high resolution screen would only be helpful and the effect will be evident in case you use the S6 Edge with its Gear VR which is the Oculus Rift style VR helmet, as the screen is just a couple of inches away and hence the effect is evident.


I have never been satisfied with the Android overlay Samsung uses, which is the Touchwiz, it somewhat looks cartoon-ish to me.That was the reason I downloaded the Aviate by Yahoo that is much clean than the earlier versions of Touchwiz by Samsung. But finally Samsung made some effort to impress me, haha, yeah it finally made some effort to make it more presentable and more classy just as someone would expect from a phone with such a design.

The major changes have been made in the menu and also they have added another feature where it enables the camera to be accessed by double tapping the home button but that is more sought of a setting. Overall, the new look of the Android justifies the body design.


Camera And Fingerprint Scanner

Like the design this is by far the best camera that Samsung has put in any device, well it had to be for obvious reasons. This guy carries a 16 MP embedded at the rear, with the same resolution as that of Note 4 and the lens has an aperture of f2.2 which is an upgrade to the Galaxy S5’s f1.9. Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have got the Auto HDR mode, the OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation, after Note 4 and Note Edge) and  they also get the tracking mode, making it enable to follow moving objects without refocussing.

Samsung includes the fast and slow motion in the video app, so now you can create a beautiful time lapse or a slow motion video  from the default video app itself. I made a couple of slow mo and to my expectation the videos came out really smooth.

The fingerprint scanner in the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge is one of the things that satisfied me the most, it replaces the earlier swipe based gesture which was inaccurate. This one is very accurate and precise. None of the time it failed to authenticate my fingerprint except the case when my hands were wet.


Samsung has got rid of the removable battery and as now introduced a 2550mAh non-removable battery locked in, which is smaller than the 2800mAh removable battery in Galaxy S5. So the interesting point of observation for me was if Samsung will manage to end up in increasing the power efficiency even after reducing the size of the battery. And to my surprise the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge fall short of performance when compared to the last year’s Galaxy S5. Well, it was somehow expected, because coming up with this design would have not been possible without compromising with other features and battery becomes one of them.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge comes up with a feature which enables it to be charged super fast for the first 15%, so just in 5-10 minutes you have your smartphone juiced up to 15-20%.



Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge Comparison

Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge Comparison


Final Verdict

The best phone Samsung has even made, the innovation in design being the foremost reason, the excellent camera and performance comes next. This device has provided Samsung a huge leap. If you are the one who has been using Android till now and were planning to go to iOS, this is the phone which can behold you. This device manages to get to the top of the position.

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