Now that you have bought your most precious gadget and made love with it, its time to set it to get the most out of it and we are here to help you set it up. In this article we bring you the 10 most amazing apps that you need to install in your Apple watch as soon as you are done making out with it. These apps have been handpicked from all the genres including Social Apps, Entertainment, Utilities, Fitness, News and much more so that your personal assistant does not fall short of your expectations anytime. Let’s get started.

So here is the list of Apps that you need to download and install in your Apple watch right now.

1. Instagram (Social Network)

This is the Apple Watch version of the Instagram app that I am sure you have on your iPhone, this app would make your life much easier by providing you the capability of browsing through your favourite pictures on your wrist, moreover it sends you the notifications for your account activity. Now you can also comment with Emojis on the pictures you can’t resist.

Below are the screenshots of the app.



2. Nike+Running (Fitness App)

If its your personal assistant and that too a wearable device, it would be incomplete without the health app and this Nike app is capable of accomplishing all your tasks related to fitness. Although you have an inbuilt fitness app but the Nike app would offer you just more than the default app. This tracks your distance and also helps you compare yourself with your sport mates, moreover you can send and receive cheers from your friends.

Check out below the different faces of the Nike App.




3. Twitter (Social Media)

The 140 character short status on Twitter can be best viewed on the wrist with the Apple watch and this is complimented by the notifications on the watch when someone favourites, retweets or replies to any of your tweets. This app also allows you to tweet using dictation. Check out the screenshot of the app below.

Apple-Watch-Twitter-App-Gadgetadda-1 Apple-Watch-Twitter-App-Gadgetadda-2











4. Evernote (Utility)

Your personal assistant is incomplete without a noting app and what can be better than the Evernote app. So download the Evernote’s official app to jot down your To-do list and other important information while you go. So with this app on your wrist you can dictate a short note into the app without having to type it manually. Moreover you can explore the notes made near your, set up reminders for your meetings and also search stuff related to your notes. Well, what else can you ask for.


Apple-Watch-Evernote-App-Gadgetadda-1 Apple-Watch-Evernote-App-Gadgetadda-2











5. Tripadvisor

In the current scenario when we love to make backpack trips, this app is one of the most important apps that you need to have in your Apple watch so that while you are on the move or you are planning to move you have all the info on your wrist including the ratings and information about the hotels and things to do nearby. All those things that makes this app the number one destination for travellers will be on your wrist now.













6. Shazam

Well, if you are one of those music freaks like me who can not spend even a second of your day without music and always keep yourself update with the latest tracks and top charts then this is one should be on your wrist, so that by just touching your wrist watch you can catch that track playing in the background. So this app would enable you to sing in harmony with the song because the lyrics on the wrist would advance with the music. Enjoy the app screenshots below.


7. Pacemaker DJ

This app brings in the experience of the Pacemaker DJ app on your iPad to your wrist, so if you are into the mood of dj’ying and can not access your iPad, just shove your wrist and start mixing your favourite tracks, be it a song or a couple of them skipped, the app would make sure the tracks seamlessly mix into each other.



8. CNN (News)

The most trusted news Source online as well as offline will now be on your wrist keeping you upto date with the happening around the world. The instant notifications from the app would enable you to be updated with the news without even opening the app. With this app you can also watch the CNN TV live stream on your wrist thereby providing you a complete package which brings you news from 12 different categories including Sports, Politics, Entertainment and much more.




9.Uber App (Travel)

This is the most talked about app these days and becomes your travel companion wherever you go, with the most effective and easy to use interface this app offers you cab service with just a few touch on your smartphone and now the company is offering the service through its Apple watch app as well. Check out the screenshot of the app below.




So now your watch has been personalised to your mood and your needs! With more and more apps coming in for the device we will be posting more such articles catering to your requirements. The basic purpose of this article was not to find for your new apps but to make you aware about the Apple watch versions of the most commonly used apps.

You can let us know if we missed any of the apps that according to you should have made to this list.


Featured Image Courtesy: Apple