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wasd keys

‘WASD’. If you know what this means, then you’re definitely a gamer and are already well versed about the importance of this combo on a keyboard. When it comes to gaming, people want up to date recommendations for the best gaming keyboards and a fast, responsive computer that registers 60+ fps on maxed out graphics on all the latest titles. These figures translate to a desired performance greater than most of the dedicated consoles available today! The best laptop that can manage such figures is the Dell Alienware 17 which starts at Rs. 1, 04,000 and caps at Rs. 1, 96,000. This beast, by all means is very expensive and still can’t churn out what a high end desktop can at half the price. Thus true gamers end up with desktops that they can customize as per their own needs and wants. The resultant PC is not only way superior in performance to any other laptop, but also turns out to be way cheaper than the former. If you play league of legends check out these smurf accounts that you can purchase.

You don’t need to be reading a gaming mouse buyer’s guide per week to know that gamers will hardly disagree when we say that mice and keyboards are an integral part of the gaming experience. The ergonomics, the comfort and the response time, all of these go a long way in determining the fatigue post a couple hours of gameplay. For many, a backlit keyboard makes a lot of difference as a gamers only solace in a poorly lit environment. Let’s have a look at some of the best gaming keyboards available today at multiple price points and hopefully, we may aid you in destroying that enemy convoy harder, better and faster. Game on!


Corsair Vengeance K70 RGB

The Good: The K70 RGB is one of the best keyboards available today, thanks to the premium aluminium finish and the backlight illumination being customizable for every single key. It is equipped with mechanical switches for speedy typing, which also end up increasing the life of the keyboard.

The keys are an assuringly tactile slab of aluminium. A black wrist rest is included to provide for additional support. But people found it far too low to be at the correct angle. The lighting is the standout feature in the keyboard and offers gamers 16.8 million colors to play with on every key, making it an alluringly pretty sight during late night gaming sessions. You are also given a selection of multimedia keys. It also includes a metal volume wheel which has a nice finish to it, thus complementing the overall premium feel. There are buttons for deactivating the window keys and also for controlling the levels of backlight brightness

The keyboard uses Cherry MX switches and you can either choose between either red, brown or blue versions. Too see which suits you best you can check out this awesome writeup here.

The Bad: The software used to control the lighting is very complex and may require googling a few things here and there. Also, the keyboard lacks dedicated macro buttons and some hardcore MMO players will need a different keyboard for the same. Also contoured buttons, meant for an additional grip are missing on the K70.

Verdict: The K70 RGB is one of the best gaming keyboards available, and at Rs. 10680 or around 280USD, it is indeed expensive, but definitely lives up to its fame and purpose. Head over to the next one for a better VFM quotient.

Razer Blackwidow ultimate

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate (2014)

The Good: Razer’s slogan for marketing its product is ‘For Gamers, by Gamers.’ The company makes and develops high end computer peripherals, especially made for gaming. So, we can say without any doubt that the Razer BlackWidow ultimate is one of the best keyboards a gamer can buy. Although it’s price tag is again on the expensive side, it justifies its cost very well, with a bevy of design and customization options.

The keys on the keyboard are large block letters with green illumination and stand out prominently. Although the smooth texture of the keys may seem slippery, they aren’t an issue when the keyboard is put to use. Many gaming keyboard companies use Cherry MX switches but Razer uses their own mechanical switches, which somehow feel better when used than those from Cherry. Further, these self designed switches also make for an ideal typing experience.

The software provided along with the keyboard, the Razer Synapse 2.0 is useful and you can remap any key, record and assign macros, customize the ‘Gaming Mode’ and control the lighting.

The bad? The only thing the keyboard lacks is media buttons for easy task switching.

Verdict: The BlackWidow Ultimate is one of the best gaming keyboards available and is available on Flipkart for Rs. 7,999 that equals to about 140 USD. It is expensive but goes beyond most other gaming keyboards. It will surely appeal to any kind of gamer and leave them happy.

Coolermaster Devastator


Cooler Master Devastator Gaming Gear (Keyboard + Mouse)

If you’re a novice gamer and cannot spend more than Rs. 5000 for a keyboard it is recommended you go for the Coolermaster. Coolermaster is a popular choice among gamers and they have a wide range of peripherals for gamers. Not everybody has a premium budget for their peripherals and that’s where Coolermaster steps in with their excellent VFM offerings.

The Good: The mouse looks cool and comes equipped with 3 DPI modes. It also has a large high precision mouse wheel and solid rubber side pads for stability. Furthermore it is equipped with dedicated multimedia keys for easy playback and changing music while working.

The keyboard is durable, clacky and has a decent amount of tactile feedback. It also sports an ergonomic design language, meaning that it is suitable for playing games for long hours. The wrist rest could have been better though. The best part about the keyboard is, even though it is inexpensive, it has a blue LED backlight with an on/off key shortcut. Couple all of this with dedicated multimedia keys for easy playback, and you have a win win device combo at a win win price!

The bad: For the price? Nothing really!

Verdict: The Devastator gaming gear is of great build and value. What’s best? The extra savings here may allow for a bigger and better graphics card. The Devastator gaming gear includes both, the keyboard and the mouse, the combo on sale for a modest price tag of just 2599 INR i.e. about 50 USD

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