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Gone are the days when we needed to use a phone with a stylus to get it to work properly. We now have capacitive touch screens with multi-touch and phones that will work with the slightest touch of our skin. Although, the stylus hasn’t gone out of age and has also advanced with time. The stylus used on the Samsung Note series is very popular and is used widely.

Many other applications of the stylus are popular in fields of architecture, journalism and fine arts. Touchscreens have not yet completely replaced the stylus because sometimes the detail needed to draw in some applications requires accurate pressure and programmable buttons. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular styli in use today.



When you first see the Adonit Jot Pro it looks like a pen with a plastic disk at the top. It replaces the traditional rubber tip at the end and has a fine tip for accuracy. Some of the other features are:

  1. Stylus has a metal case that can attach to the tablet’s case easily.
  2. Marketed especially for iPads but universally compatible across all devices
  3. Precise and easy to use.
  4. The tip has a springing motion to draw lines more naturally. The more the pen presses against the tablet, the darker the lines are which makes it even more precise.

This stylus is available in many variants but the pro one is the best among them all. It is available for $30 (approx. INR 1900) on Amazon and packs a punch for the price.



It is claimed by the company that this stylus is the best amongst all styli in competition in terms of precision. The rubber disc is removable easily and the tip can be used for precision. Highlights of the Notier V2 are:

  1. Way more accurate than Adonit Jot Pro
  2. Works on all devices.

This can be yours to own for as less as 16$ (approx. INR 1018)  and is much accurate than other styli yet it is not as comfortable to hold as the Adonit Jot Pro.



Wacom is a company which specializes in making styli and makes them for personal and commercial purposes and is the leader in digital pen technology. The main feautures of the Bamboo Stylus Fineline are:

  1. Embedded Bluetooth smart technology.
  2. Pressure sensitive and ultra-fine stylus tip.
  3. Increases accuracy with palm rejection technology.
  4. Premium finish.
  5. Includes programmable buttons.
  6. Also light and easy to carry.
  7. Easily compatible with most apps including Adobe Reader etc.
  8. 30 day return policy if you do not like it.

This stylus is different thanks to its innovative features and styling. It costs $60 (INR 3820) and is supported too by many apps and its long list of features set it apart from the competition.



This is one of the most widely used and bestselling stylus thanks to the popularity of its app, Paper by FiftyThree. It is available in Walnut or Graphite and has a rather unique design. The features are:

  1. The unique tip is designed in such a way that lines of all sizes; i.e. broad and fine can be created easily without any settings.
  2. To erase, you just need to flip the stylus like the pencil.
  3. Blend is an innovative tool by which the finger is used to create colour transitions such as shadows etc.
  4. Palm rejection software
  5. Once charged for 90 minutes, will run for a month on normal use.
  6. Kiss to pair technology enables connecting to the iPad easily by touching the pencil to the iPad.
  7. Large number of supported applications
  8. Universally supported across android and iOS.

Pencil by FiftyThree was one of the most popular stylus because of its commercial viability and its capability to work quite well with iPads. It costs $60 (INR 3825) for the Walnut version which includes a magnetic strap and $50 (INR 3200) for the Graphite version of it. Stay tuned with us at Gadgetadda for all that is cool in technology.

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