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Apple 8

A lot of criticism was given to Apple for the launch of the iPhone 6, 6+, iOS 8 and bendgate. Despite all this Apple managed to double its market value to USD 700 Billion. The reasons have been detailed below explaining how Apple has managed to keep its edge above android and how it is still the best choice for a high end smartphone and what sets it apart from its competitors.


What makes the iPhone’s design different than any other phones? It was Steve Job’s policy that the design of the phone should be such that the people who make it should like it. If you made something for the people, you should like it first. That works just fine for me. The aluminum uni-body finishing; the way it feels in your hand just feels perfect. The Apple Logo is just the icing on the cake. Unlike other diverse android phones where apparently all that matters is size, the iPhone cares about how it fits in your hand and still looks as beautiful. The attention to detail can be seen by every curve on the iPhone. The 6+ has a larger display but users got comfortable to it easily. For instance if small hands can’t reach the top left to click ‘back’, you can swipe to go back. There are a lot of gestures as well so that you can easily use it. On, the other hand Samsung and other companies uses flimsy plastic which feels cheap as compared to the iPhone.

The only issue is the protruding camera on 6 and the 6+. Apple said it did this because they didn’t want to compromise picture quality by squishing the camera optics. Acceptable to anyone but an Android fanboy.

Apple 5


If you compare the iPhone’s hardware to other android phones in the market priced similarly, you will notice quite a difference. But don’t let that fool you into buying an android. iPhones have optimum utilization of technology and though they may still use LCD displays rather than AMOLED displays which other Samsung phones use, the displays used by Apple show a much better and clearer image thanks to the Retina technology. In fact, according to DisplayMate’s tests, the iPhone 6 Plus breaks all sorts of records, including the highest peak brightness, lowest screen reflectance, highest (true) contrast ratio, highest contrast in ambient light, and more. DisplayMate has said it’s the best LCD on a smartphone till date. It is really the little things that count.

It’s not always the numbers that matter. The iPhone 5S has 1 GB of RAM and it still beats the Samsung Note 4 in terms of graphics performance which has a better processor, 3 GB of RAM and the iPhone is a year older. Talking about numbers, Android fanboys, are you still paying attention? The fact is that, Samsung has pushed its screen technology ahead of its processors capabilities, resulting in poor performance in high definition. It’s not always about the numbers.

In fact Apple makes most of the chipset of the iPhone. The processor, the graphics processor and other components of the phone are made in-house by Apple itself. iOS is obviously made by Apple too. So there is optimum utilization of hardware and software. That’s why iPhones run very fast and smooth with such minimal hardware compared to flagship phones by other competitors.

APPS and the App Store

Android is deeply and confusingly fragmented. There are 18,000 devices app developers have to worry about. It’s easier to make a standardized device which makes things easier for the app developers and hence apps are always early on iOS devices rather than Android. Generally, an exciting new game takes a month to reach the Play Store because of this problem. It is difficult to find a bug in the game apart from device-specific bugs on the Play Store.

Apple’s app store is strictly maintained and strict quality checks are passed to make an app available on the app store. Also, many games like Infinity Blade series are only the app store. Also, the Apple app store has a standardized app store where apps are strictly checked and they have to pass a stringent test to be available on the app store. On the other hand, if you’re not careful you could download a virus on android directly from the Play store.

Apple 4


Talk about megapixels all you want. It’s not the megapixels that matter but the lens used that matters. And the iPhone’s camera uses a better lens that most phones in the market and the effect is shown. It produces sharp and accurate phones even in the dark thanks to the dual flash which flashes according to the light around it. It produces natural and clear photos.


It doesn’t matter where you buy an iPhone from. It will always have the same software that comes with it, i.e., iOS. It is bloatware free. On the other hand, if you buy an Android phone, it comes preloaded with shitloads of bloatware that companies put in to cram the system. It hinders the system and eats up all the RAM.

Resale Value

A lot of people think what to do with a phone after two years. Apple has a greater resale value than any other phone company. An easier way to compare how, will be by checking the price of phones that were launched a year earlier. The drop in price indicates how much the value of the product has depreciated. For instance, the 5S on Flipkart costs Rs. 42,500. It was launched at a price of Rs. 51,500. The S5 was launched at approximately the same time and the same price. However, the retail price of the S5 is Rs. 35,000. This shows how much the value fell and what to expect of the resale price.

Guarantee vs Warranty

If your iPhone ever has a defect, you can walk out with a brand new phone for free in 3 days. That is the AppleCare Protection plan which is inclusive of the cost for a year after the phone is purchased. Unlike other brands where the phones are repaired, Apple replaces the phone. This way the company shows how much they care about the customer and the customer is delighted. Customer satisfaction is the key to any business and Apple knows it better than anyone else.


The iPhone is an amazing phone which has all the premium features and its above par than other phones which just have numbers on paper. It might be expensive but it gives you a premium look and feel and makes you feel good about it which is value for money in our books. iOS is fast and fluid and the hardware and software optimization is what makes it even better to use. iPhones are produced for the customers by people who use them. All of this makes them the perfect smartphones.

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