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A tablet made by HTC has for long, been tipped to be in the works. Earlier last month, An Nvidia document shed further light upon the same, revealing the very same device to be the next generation nexus tablet. But there was no official wording regarding this seemingly rekindled partnership, from any of the two parties in concern.

Finally with yesterday’s silent yet definitive announcement by Google, all the repeated speculations can be put to rest. For both the partnership as well as the HTC tablet are now official in the form of the HTC Nexus 9.

With brushed aluminum sides, an 8.9’ 2048 X 1536 super high res display and HTC’s dual front firing Boom sound speakers, the device is the first no compromise nexus device of its form factor. HTC is now reminiscent of great design aesthetics on board mobile devices, and it shows once again, on the new Nexus. The device simply looks gorgeous. Plus, it has been specced with powerful internals that have the potential to whack down most of its competition.

Screenshot (101)

As an additional accessory, HTC have also made a first party keyboard for the device that as per Google, ‘magnetically attaches to the Nexus 9, folds into two different angles and rests securely on your lap like a laptop’’. With this keyboard folio, HTC and Google seem to be targeting productivity as popularized by Microsoft with their Surface Pro lineup. But in the absence of a mouse pad and Windows 8, there’s probably not much that this keyboard can add to the Android 5.0 experience on top the Nexus 9. Still the keyboard, which is available for sale separately, is a handy addition if you tend on lots of typing on a tablet.

The tablet also packs in the latest 64 bit chipset from Nvidia for those looking to make optimum use of the higher bitrate support to be introduced with Android Lollipop. Thus if you buy a Nexus 9 over other offerings, say from Samsung, you essentially are future proofing your purchase, for 2015 is going to be all about 64 bit processing and the possibilities it unfolds for mobile pioneering.



In the US, the Nexus 9 is up for preorders starting the 17th of October and is likely to ship on the 3rd of November. It is indeed going to be the first commercial device running Google’s latest Android 5 lollipop.

Model Pricing
16 GB 399$
32 GB 480$
32 GB with 4G LTE 600$

Release dates and pricing for other regions has not been specified as of now. Stay tuned with us for updates on the same.


With the Nexus 9, Google is aiming to incorporate the best of all worlds. The flexibility of an android, the looks and performance of an iPad along with the productivity of a surface. The pricing, unlike its more compact, yet more expensive sibling the Nexus 6, also has been kept pretty aggressive by Google.

The latest Nexus tablet from Google’s stable isn’t perfect. None of its competition is, either. But Google has succeeded in delivering a package that packs in a whole lot of punch yet doesn’t leave you with a substantial hole in your pocket.

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