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The desire eye is hands down the best selfie offering of our age

HTC seems to have developed crazy high standards for their definition of a flagship smartphone. Over the past couple of months, they have been constantly churning out mid ranged smartphones that sport pretty high end specifications. The latest one to follow suit, and the one that tops them all, is the HTC Desire Eye.

Launched at the Double exposure event today, the smartphone goes toe to toe with the flagship M8 for most of its spec sheet, except for the metal and the ‘One’ branding the M8 touts. But that’s not necessarily bad, as many have agreed that the desire eye looks way cooler than the sophisticated impressions lend by the M8. Plus it has camera’s that put the ones on the M8 to shame.

‘The desire eye is the true embodiment of HTC’s eye experience.’

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Essentially, the above means that all of the fun and neat software tricks introduced today by HTC in the form of the ‘eye’ suite are going to be working the best on the desire eye, thanks to its super high res, f2.2 13MP front facing camera.

But before you disregard the desire eye as yet another pretty face with great selfie capabilities, read ahead. For the Desire eye makes no compromise on any front whatsoever. Unlike other selfie focused smartphones, it doesn’t let down road warriors with its raw power, at all. With a 5.2’ FHD display, Snapdragon 801 SoC and 2 Gigs of RAM, the hardware packed onto the Desire eye lends it equally capable as many of its reverend peers. Plus it has an IPX7 certification as well, meaning you can make use of its camera prowess underwater up to a meter of depth for 30 minutes.

What’s truly remarkable is that even with a revolutionary camera module upfront and waterproofing capabilities, it hasn’t lost on to its senior brethren’s exceptional speakers too. Yes, HTC’s signature Boom sound speakers are still here, rocking out as loud and clear as ever!

The Desire eye is expected to be available worldwide starting the second half of November. In the US, It’ll be sold exclusively by AT&T. Details for the pricing have not yet been made official, but we expect the same to retail at 100-150$ cheaper than the flagship M8. Next up is the GoPro like ‘HTC RE’ camera. And as usual, your opinions are welcome in the comment section below

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