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The Event Invite

Today it’s all about HTC as the Taiwanese giant seems all geared up for its event in New York City. Not only have they succeeded in keeping the unveilings a tight lipped secret, but they have even managed in building up tons of anticipation for the purported launchings. Titled as the ‘Double Exposure event’, HTC is speculated to bring forth multiple products across a wide range of categories.

From new smartphones, tablets with Android L to even standalone HTC cameras, the sheer number of possible unveilings is bizarre! Experts are tossing their opinions wildly, backed up by an endless surge of leaks. But the event name, ‘Double exposure’ coupled with the visuals on the invite are suggestive of products centered on photography.

Here is a comprehensive roundup of all the speculations surrounding the event. What are your opinions on these rumors? Let us know in the comment section below.


  • The ONE M8 eye

Codenamed eye, this smartphone is pitted to be identical to the critically acclaimed ONE M8, the only point of deterrence being the 13 MP rear camera replacing the much critiqued 4UP setup.


  • The ONE M8 Max

Even after the last generation HTC phablet, the ‘M7 Max’ failed in registering much impact, the M8 Max phablet is pretty much a certainty. With the phablet giants, namely the Note4 and the iPhone 6 Plus all geared up for launch, we don’t expect HTC to shy away from doing the same, and doing it right now, given the M8 is already six months old.

The One M8 MAX is expected to sport Sense 6.5 UI on top of a super high res 5.5’ QHD display, with snapdragon 805soc under the hood backed up by 3 Gigabytes of RAM. There will be the duo camera setup found on the M8, though the primary sensor would be the 13MP unit instead of the 4UP one. There are indications pointing towards water resistance as well. Thus, the phablet is expected to be as beefed up as any other offering in the market today.

  • The Desire Eye

HTC really seems keen on keeping their long running, mid ranged desire series alive and kicking. The problem is, that these phones don’t seem mid ranged anymore. As HTC continues beefing up the desire series, the factors differentiating them from the flagship ONE series keep on blurring. And this might not necessarily prove to be in favor of HTC’s already troubled fortunes.


In the past week, renders of an HTC smartphone with ‘13MP dual flash cameras’ both on the front and the rear, have been circulating over the internet. Other rumored specifications include a 5.2’ FULL HD display, a 2.3 GHz quad core snapdragon 801 SoC and 2 gigabytes of RAM. Clearly, the Desire eye is speculated to be the ultimate smartphone for selfie enthusiasts with zero compromises whatsoever on the hardware front.

  • The desire 812

A few hours back, Verizon wireless listed the HTC desire 812 as a new entry on their affordable smartphone category, putting speculations about the existence of the smartphone to rest. Since HTC still haven’t made this smartphone official, there’d be no surprises if they do so today.


  •  NEXUS 9

It is widely believed (Courtesy NVIDIA) that Google has rekindled their partnership with HTC for the third generation of Nexus tablets, the Nexus 9.


Further, it’s the first half of October, the time when Google usually launches the next major version of their android OS. Since it’s customary for a nexus device to be the first one to sport this new version, it’s speculated that HTC and Google might make their partnership official today, demonstrating the Nexus 9 by HTC running the final build of Android L by Google, hence the name ‘double’ exposure.

The HTC Nexus 9, with codenames Volantis and flounder, has already passed the FCC license tests. Thus the official launch has to be near.



Further HTC is expected to debut a new standalone action camera as well as a few camera accessories for their ONE series of smartphones.

  • Standalone Action Camera

HTC have had a long infatuation with cameras. But since the market for cameras is already well saturated, they keep on experimenting with new photographic elements. Their UltraPixel sensors and Zoe software packages are the resultants of such expeditions. Even if these aren’t anything groundbreaking, they are unique nonetheless in their approach, and we are confident that HTC has the potential to build some really good camera modules of their own. Apparently, this is exactly what HTC feels as well. For they are now believed to be working on their own standalone action cameras, the REcamera. These cameras are expected to be waterproof as well, as ought to be clear in the teasers from HTC.


  • Camera Accessories for the ONE series


Just like Sony introduced ‘QX’ additional smartphone lenses for specific smartphones, so is HTC expected to do so, today. These lenses are rumored to connect over Bluetooth instead of the Wi-Fi only capabilities of the Sony ones, making them more convenient in everyday use.


There makes no sense for HTC to first introduce a 13MP variant for the regular M8 and then in a month launch the M8 Max. Further to us, HTC making a standalone camera seems highly improbable.

What we feel that the event is going to about the M8 Max, which would not only have updated specs and the 13MP rear camera sensor, but it would be waterproof as well. And the action camera sequences could signal towards many hardware and software strides by HTC added onto the phablet either natively, or through an accessory to be connected to this M8 variant. Either the device itself would be waterproof, or the additional lenses would come sporting waterproof setups for the M8 to be housed in. Then there is a possibility for the Nexus 9 being made official as well. After all, if not now, then when? HTC alone couldn’t have kept so many things a secret for so long and all by itself. Support from Google for the same seems highly probable.

And for the rest, we’re as much perplexed and waiting for the official announcements as you are. Feel free to express your opinions, for they are all welcome in the comment box below.

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