Cloud storage are a great option, especially when they help in preventing duplicity of files. By just click of a button, all files are transferred to all your device. Cloud storage are the latest targets of the Black hats. Being that the case, you just can’t depend on them. So what to do when your photos are already uploaded to the cloud?  Well, here’s a few tips from our friends at www.ichimp.co.uk – just follow the steps below.

  1. Two Step Verification.


Apple allows two step verification in many countries, including India. Two step verification sends a text message with code to the device, without which, users can not login to their account. Thus an extra layer of security is added.

Users can set up the two step authentication from AppleID page

  1. Turn Off Photo Stream.


If you are logged in to the iCloud via your iOS device, chances are your photos are being uploaded to the iCloud automatically. Clouds are great to storing data, but storing personal data like photos can dangerous.

So head over to settings and do the following

Settings>Photos & Camera >My Photo steam and switch it off.

Doing so will remove all the photos stored in the Photo stream Album, but photos stored locally won’t be affected.

  1. Strong Password.

Out of all the tips, this Tip is universally applicable. No matter how high stakes are, we normally keep password small and simple which ends up being simple to hack for the black hats.

The password should not be smaller than 12 digits (if there is no limit) and should include numbers, special characters and both uppercase and lowercase characters.

So head over to all your accounts and setup new password according to tip above and make every single password different from others.