Just when rumours were getting hot, The Cupertino Giant sends out invites to the next event, which by the looks and information seems to be of next version Windows called Windows 9 for PC.

The Invite by the looks follows the trend of the Computer giants as it only read

”Join us to hear about what’s next for windows and the enterprise

Sept. 30, 2014

According to the recent leaks that went viral last week, Windows Threshold (codename for the next version of windows) will bring back the start menu with tile integrations along with optional Metro UI.

Microsoft has also merged the apps of UI with classic UI so that users can easily switch between them and avoid the confusion due to two different UI of same app. Microsoft has also done with the charm bar, as it was missing in the leaked video. Microsoft will also be adding the support for multiple desktops and option to switch between them seamlessly, just like in Mac.

Although the most anticipated features of the Windows 9 is Cortana, a virtual assistant already seen in the latest version of the Windows Phone And new notification centre.

Microsoft is also expected to launch the Technical preview of the Windows 9 the same day for the developers and attendees.

The launch and success of windows 9 is crucial for Microsoft, due to Underwhelming response of Windows 8 and SatyaNadela’s attempt to renew the company and its strategy.

So stick with us for more updates and details about the Upcoming events.