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Every New Device whether it’s a camera, phone or a tablet comes with a higher resolution screen or higher megapixel camera, which may or may not affect the performance or UI but defiantly impacts the storage, even a 720p HD video of few seconds can be of 100s of MB at the time when 4K recording is becoming more common with every new flagship storage space has started becoming an issue. Even though storage drives are getting cheaper and cheaper day by day, Companies like Apple and or Motorola still charges users more for increased storage instead of providing a Micro SD card slot.

Apple which charges about 100$ more just for additional 16GB of storage, annoys users all around the world. Which resulted in the greater demand for wireless storage options, but even till now all the options in the market gave users a not-so-good User experience because of the complex setting up process. Kingston MobileLite Wireless is multipurpose device, it acts as wireless card reader , wireless USB reader and as a backup battery, although it has only 1810 mAh battery for both itself and charging, making the last feature only for emergency.

Look and Feel


Kingston MobileLite is definitely bigger than we expected although still portable enough to carry easily in bags or sometimes in pocket of the jacket or trousers. Kingston MobileLite is a Light in weight because it lacks an inbuilt storage. It doesn’t feel cheap when using it although it doesn’t look premium either. Although at a price of Rs. 4000 we expected a better quality. The hexagon shape of the MobileLite is something that may not look useful in the first look, but will prove useful when kept in bag. It has 1 USB port, SD card slot, 1 charging port for itself, power button with 3 LED lights, for power, Wi-Fi and Transfer status.

Setting Up

To stream data from the Kingston MobileLite Wireless, you need to download the Kingston MobileLite wireless app from Playstore and Appstore . On pressing the power Key for 3 seconds, its switches it Wi-Fi function on and connects to the network so that users can connect to then net through the MobileLite , thus preventing them from getting disconnected from the internet. While pressing it for 1 second enables charging.

MobileLite app on android is superior to the one on iOS, due to constraint in iOS. Since iOS doesn’t allow users to download data to local storage as in the case of android, third party app like VLC player that supports way more codec than any stock player, cannot take advantage of the MobileLite wireless, again due to design structure of the iOS. Android version of the app although pretty much looks the same allows all the features mentioned above. MobileLite allow users to connect up to 1TB USB drive and 256 GB micro SD cards with it.



On performance side, MobileLite works fine with reading both doc and multimedia files from it. We were able to stream 1080p videos with only few hiccups, but because MobileLite was acting as a bridge, there were some serious problem with internet speed. But considering the fact that it allows user to download the file to local storage compensates with it. Users can connect both SD Card and USB drive at a time, with manual option to select the preferred storage. App was able to play music in the background.

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