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Vu televisions, the California based luxury television brand, have launched their 50’’ and 55’’ 4K Ultra HD televisions in India in an exclusive partnership with These televisions are equipped with a dedicated 1.6 GHz quad core graphics processor, a first time ever in the TV industry. Incepted in 2006, VU technologies have already sold more than a 100,000 luxury televisions in India.

Devita R Saraf, CEO and Design head, Vu technologies, remarks on their exclusive partnership with Snapdeal. ‘’ has shown itself to be a trusted platform for buyers to purchase large size and high value products. We look forward to introducing our Ultra HD TV’s to the world through our reliable partner.”

With the motto of ‘Luxury in technology’, Vu Televisions are priced, at nearly half the rates asked for by their competitors, with much more value to the customer in terms of technology, innovation and services offered.

Snapdeal and Vu technologies, already have had a long and successful run together. Further commenting on the launch, Tony Navin, Senior VP – Electronics and home, Snapdeal said, ‘’The televisions category on has been one of the fastest growing categories with growth rates of over 30% month-on-month. With the latest launch by VU technologies, we will now be able to provide our customers access to a product which is packed with high end TV technology features at a great price point. We expect this product to do very well in this run up to Diwali. ‘’
The event, held at Hotel Shangri-La was duly attended by journalists from over 50 prominent news channels and publications. A 50’’ 4K UHD television was given away as a lucky draw, thereby concluding the event. The winner was announced by Ms. Anjum Chopra, ex captain, Indian women’s cricket team. The televisions are priced very aggressively, at INR 89,900 for the 50 inch model and INR 119,000 for the 55 Incher, and are available exclusively at Snapdeal, starting today.

A few quick facts pertaining to VU televisions:

  • Vu has been named as the most successful TV brand in the affordable large size category (50’’ to 85’’) after Sony, Samsung and LG
  • Vu is the number 1 brand for corporate displays in India
  • Available in more than 60 countries around the globe
  • Vu sells all its products with A+ grade panels in all the countries it operates in, also being the only one in India doing so
  • They extend luxuries, even when it comes to customer service, being the only ISO 9001 certified display company in India
  • Vu is the only brand with built in PC/Mac/Android options spanning across the entire catalogue
  • Make us of the world’s most advanced image upscaling technology
  • Instead of spending hordes of money on brand ambassadors and other forms of advertisement, the company chooses to work on R&D and product engineering, bringing the maximum VFM to their customers
  • Their CEO and design head, Devita Saraf, finds her name as the youngest businesswoman on India Today’s list of ’25 most powerful women in India’
  • Vu’s products have been patronized across all segments of the industry* Hospitality- The Oberoi, The Leela and so forth
    * Banking: ICICI, Citibank etc.
    * Automotive: Jaguar, Audi etc.
    * Corporate/Retail: Microsoft, IBM
    * Government: Indian Navy, Maharashtra Police

 Exclusive Q&A

After the event concluded, we at Gadgetadda, secured an exclusive opportunity to speak directly with Mr. James Milliron, marketing director (North America) for Vu technologies.

We fired up a few questions that gave us insights on the working of the company

Q1. Mr. James, we must congratulate you on an excellent presentation. Though there are certain intriguing points regarding the functioning of your company that makes us wonder.

Ans. Sure, go ahead with them.

Q2. In a price sensitive market like India, launching such high priced commodities might prove unfruitful. Plus Indians are pretty brand conscious as well. Won’t such factors affect your business here?

Ans. Ha! We have never targeted the lower end market anywhere. We believe that if we are able to provide customers great VFM, our products are going to sell no matter where. In India, we already are pretty successful. If not in the consumer segment, then for sure in the corporate sector, where we reign on the top spot. With companies battling for market share in the lower end, there seems to be no point trying to compete while at the same time degrading our standards. We are a luxury brand and we are proud of our products.

Q3. Well that’s true James. Sometimes, we ourselves must reverse the trend. If you guys start off with the upper segment itself, and succeed in securing a foothold up there, the lower segment will automatically approach towards you.

Ans. Absolutely. I mean you have to be unique today. If we can’t distinguish ourselves from others, we don’t stand a chance in the market. That’s the very reason we started offering our Tv’s with Windows/ android/ Mac built in. We try make the user experience with our products a unique one.

Q4. What about your marketing decisions. Are you stern about not ‘wasting money’ forever?

Ans. We can’t predict about forever. But as of now, we are a growing company. We have chosen to spend our resources in building up a great user experience and then letting them advertise for us. Let our customers be our brand ambassadors. We believe that long term profits can be sustained only if the consumer is extremely satisfied with their purchase.

Q5. I have two cell phones with me. One is the Samsung Galaxy S4 that sold more than 80 million sets worldwide. Whereas the other an HTC One, that sold not more than 10 million. And we both know which one is more efficient in its core functioning. We can’t altogether ignore the perks of a broad marketing strategy, can we James?

Ans.  Haha! You’re absolutely right. When the times comes, we will plan on advertising our products. And we must I know. But that all depends on a lot of market factors such as customer response. Sometimes, contentment is the key to personal happiness, right?

Q6.That’s very true James. On another note, I’ve heard that you guys also provide Mac OS built in your TV’s. Is it true? If yes, then how were you able to convince Apple for the same? I mean Apple have never rented their OS to anyone!

Ans. Yes you’ve heard right. We do provide our customers with an option to upgrade any of our TV’s to Mac operated ones. And to make this possible, we house in, the entire mac system into our TV’s. And not just the software. Thus no one complains. Plus we have had a long partnership with Apple, and we hold utmost regards for each other.

Q7. That’s genius James! Now, what about India, are you guys having any manufacturing plants in India? And what about service center’s for the same?

Ans. First of all, we don’t have any manufacturing plants in India at the moment. And we don’t intend on building one as well. Secondly we have many service centers already build up here. And all are company owned ISO 9001 certified. These are supposed to be the best service centers in India. The nearest one is in Okhla Industrial area.

Q8. May we know the reasons for 100% imports? Do you feel that Indian workers won’t be able to match up to your production standards?

Ans. Yeah…sort of. Look, the workers in India are devoid of good quality infrastructure. They are excellent craftsmen, but at the moment we choose to source our parts from locations that are specialized with those components. We then assemble them all at one place. Yes, It does increase our production costs, but then its worth it all if we are able to bring about striking products, that not only look spectacular, but perform in a similar fashion as well.

Well James, such a policy is really commendable. We admire you for your ethical standards. Now we’ll take your leave. It was really nice meeting you. Our team at Gadgetadda extends the best of wishes for you and Vu Technologies. Thank you for your time!

James: Thank you so much. Have a great day!



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