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Google on Thursday launched the first beta build of 64 bit Chrome for Macs following the earlier the launch of the same for Macs following the earlier the launch of the same for windows.

So what’s new you asked? Well for starters, the new beta allows you to quickly change profile directly from the title bar. One option in “Switch person” is the Guest Mode, which is similar to the incognito mode as it deletes History and cookies as soon as the window is closed. Previously users had to go to setting menu to change to tweak the settings mentioned above.

Along with visual changes, 64 bit version also improves

  • Security: The new version of chrome improves security on all platforms. Although exact details have not been released.
  • Speed: Google notes that the new beta version of chrome is 25 % faster than the 32bit version of Chrome. The change in speed is because of the new processor and compiler optimization
  • Stability:The new 64 bit chrome is twice more stable than the older 32bit version.

 Google Chrome 64 bit

So, head over to Google chrome site and download the new beta if you don’t mind beta programme.


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