Following the recent road facelift, the Google subsidiary YouTube launched it s new queuing feature for sharing videos to Chrome cast from ones computer. The updates are expected to arrive for all users in the week to come.

The new changes enables one to use a single tab to cast a video and then later line up more videos to watch. It also allows you to cast playlists. Next time you go to your Chromecast connected TV to catch up on a bunch of videos, don’t let them to open up in different tabs before you wish to send them to Chromecast! Look for the + TV Queue feature, and you are good to go! Create your own queue of videos on your Chromecast. They have it sorted!


The official statement read, “Are you casting from to your TV and lost in a sea of browser tabs? Good news, matey. Now you can keep playing a video as you browse and queue the next ones to play – all in one tab.”

The company YouTube has answered in affirmative to the updates noticed earlier, which unify the design of the Add to Playlist and Share buttons on the desktop with the mobile apps. YouTube has also added playlists to its Guide interface and the YouTube TV app. The new updates also include updates on the video player, which will now be scaled based on screen and browser size.

Images Courtesy: Thenextweb