Keyboard key combinations are great to save time and effort by doing small task by pressing a combination of certain keys, some of these combinations are famous and chances are that you might be using them now but some combinations are never used, at the same time being highly useful.

Below is the list of 10 such combinations that you might have never head of

  1. Command + `

Command + ` (Grave accent or Backtick, check above the tab key) is a great tool switch between the tabs/windows of the current running application. Command + Shift + Tab, is similar but even lets you switch between the running apps on the Mac.


  1. Command + shift + option + Esc

No OS is perfect, Even Mac is not perfect (some fan boys do need to get this thing clear), Applications crash or hangs on MACs as much as on windows (ok! Not as much due to Apple’s tight control on hardware.). So just press Command + shift + option + esc and hold for 3 seconds and let mac force close the application.


  1. Command + Option + M

No matter how many windows or apps are open, pressing Command + Option +M will minimize all the applications to the dock.


  1. Command + Control + D

Sometimes we need to look up a word while working(in my case, while working on a article) and opening a dictionary and typing the word again isn’t something from the 21st century, so hover over the word with the mouse and  Press Command + control + D and look up the word like a boss!


  1. Command + Control + Option + 8

“Inverting colors” might be least used feature, except when adding filters, by pressing Command + control + option + 8 users can invert the Color, and it does come handy for users with visual impairment needing high contrast screen.

Note: this feature will not work until

System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Accessibility >Invert Colors box. is ticked

  1. Control + D

This combination might be more useful for new Mac users who have just shifted from Windows. Pressing Control + D does the same function as delete key on windows, that is, delete words on the right side of the cursor.


  1. Command + Shift + I

In the times of IM (instant messaging, just in case you were living under a rock), Sending links to websites via emails is not something we do often although Apple has got us covered.

On pressing Command + Shift + I in safari, users can launch with the link to the webpage in it.


  1. Command + shift + A/U/D

In Finder,

Pressing Command + shift + A will open application window

Pressing Command + shift + U will open utility window and

Pressing Command + shift + D will open desktop folder in the finder.


  1. Command + Option + Control + Eject

If you are in a hurry, press Command + Option + Control + Eject  to instantly shut down the mac by bypassing the shutdown counter.


  1. Command + Option + Eject

Similar to the combination above, which shuts down the Mac, users can put Mac to sleep by pressing Command + Option + Eject .


Image Courtesy: CNET