Battery life is big issue now days, High resolution screens and high clock speed of the processors are among the major culprits of finishing the juice in the battery. New android phones now come with battery saving mode to help your phone to survive a day or two, but with Apple devices, users can neither replace the battery with a higher Capacity battery nor they have a special battery saving mode(at least as of now).

So what can you do? Well, stick with us to learn 5 ways to do the same.


  1. Brightness

If you’re indoors chances are that you don’t need full brightness, so lower the brightness and switch on auto brightness. So go to Settings >Wallpaper and brightness >auto brightness.


  1. Wallpapers

Switch to a static wallpaper (not moving) from a dynamic wallpaper. Static wallpaper saves battery as less screen refresh reduces processing. Go to setting > Wallpaper and brightness> Choose new wallpaper


  1. Parallax effect

One of the little add-on in the iOS 7 was the parallax effect, it makes the wallpaper and icons move differently on moving the device but since the effect is negligible and battery is more important than animation(most of the time), it’s better to turn it off.

Go to setting> General>Accessibility >Reduce Motion


  1. Switch off Connectivity Options and Location services.

Connectivity options like LTE, Wireless, cellular data & Bluetooth should be turned off as they work in the background even if we are not using them. Same goes with Location services which keeps the GPS on.

The steps to be followed are :

a)      Settings app >Bluetooth

b)      Settings app >Wi-Fi

c)       Settings app >Cellular Data

d)      Settings app>Privacy>Location Services


  1. Switch off App Refresh

Background app refresh is a smart feature (no doubt), it understands your usage and makes the appropriate data available at the time you use it (Like downloading the feeds in advance). But it does drain your battery, switch it off completely or partially by following the below procedure.

Settings app>General>Background App Refresh