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Snapchat is a photo messaging app that has been developed by two Stanford University Students. The App allows the user to send pictures, videos, text, drawings to a set of recipients. The photographs and the videos sent are called “snaps”.

The Feature that make this app worth downloading is the privacy that it provides. The sender using this app can set the time for which the receiver can view the snap, after which the snap would be deleted from the receiver’s device and also from the Snapchat servers. Also if the receiver tries to take a screenshot, a notification regarding the same is sent to the sender.



During the viewing period of the receiver the user must maintain a touch at the touchscreen in order to provide hindrance to taking screenshot. Although there are some other ways by which user can store the snap like –

  1. Taking a Picture by another camera instead of taking screenshot.
  2. Disabling the notification function by modifying the Snapchat binary.
  3. Running the Snapchat in an emulator.

According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) the app might be bringing some new features to its app. The new app might expand the Snapchat’s services to videos, advertisements and news articles.

The Snapchat Company has been talking with the advertisers and media companies about a service to be called as Snapchat Discovery, According to the Journal. Snapchat Discovery, rumored to come in November this year will show contents and ads to its user. The Journal also said that “At least a dozen companies have shown interest in providing contents for Snapchat Discovery”.

The Snapchat discovery will allow users to read publications and watch videos which holding down a finger on the screen, same as the user does with photographs and videos.

 Featured Image Courtesy: Mashable

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