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Sony – Well known for the cameras and superb image quality, yesterday unveiled a new Camera. The Model number of the camera is A5100, It offers a 24 MP APS-C sensor and Fast Hybrid Autofocus (AF) (same as slightly higher end model A6000) camera. This camera has been claimed to be the world’s smallest camera for the sensor size that it offers. It also comes in with Built-in Flash and WI-FI.

A5100 is a less camera that comes with interchangeable lens. The Camera can lock its autofocus in as little as 0.07 seconds- as said by Sony. The A5100 uses the same Bionz X-Branded processor as A6000. It can shoot High definition 1080p videos in AVCHD as well as XAVC S codec at a data rate of 50 Mbps. A 3 inch display has also been provided that can also tilt 180 degrees upright for taking selfies. There is a zoom leveler on top of the camera and a pop-up flash is also there. This type of camera is revolutionizing the developing film camera which still has a prominent place in society due to the traditional and authentic value they hold.

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sony 24MP

The camera also offers Wi-Fi and one touch transfer to Xperia devices and NFC compatible phones and tablets. The camera is small in size for the features that it provides. It has dimensions 4.3 inch (w) X 2.5 inch (H) X 1.4 inch (T) and a has weight of about eight ounces. The device has been repositioned above the A5000 model and below the A6000 model. The camera has been made for amateur photographers who are looking to change their current camera and move a step forward towards the DSLR range of cameras.

The Sony A5100 will be available in the market in the September in two colors-Black and white.  The price of the camera with a 16-50mm Motorized Zoom lens for 700$ and without it for 550$


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