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Ever wanted a sleep timer for Music player because you like to listen to music before going to sleep? Ever tried to find a sleep timer in your phone? If your answers to both the questions are yes, then this is for you. Sleep timer for music player was always there in your iOS phone or tablet, but not in your music player app. The function was hidden in the Clock app, and can be used on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


Step 1. Open Clock App on your iOS device

It will be on your 1st home screen if you haven’t moved it


Step 2. Select the timer tab if not already, from the bottom Pane of the app


Step 3. Once selected, set the timer. We did it for five minutes


Step 4. Now Click the Notification list, on the right of the start button and scroll down to the very end


Step 5. Select the stop playing options from the list


Step 6. Start the timer by clicking the start button


Step 7. Go to music Player and play your favourite number if you haven’t already


Believe it or not, this function was always there or at least from iOS 6. It works perfectly with the stock music player app but may not work with some third party music player from the app store.

Do drop us a comment if it works with your favourite third party player.


Featured Image Courtesy: Addadvice



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