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Everyone wants their iPhone to stand apart from others in the crowd. Although that is a little difficult if everyone uses the same default ringtone that apple gives or isn’t ready to shell out some extra bucks to buy new. So stick with us to make your own ringtone out of your library and from iTunes. Since most third party tools can sometimes be the reason for slowing down the computer.


Step 1. Find the song in the iTunes Library

The first step is to find the song that you want to use as the Ringtone


Step 2. Editing the length

Once selected right click the file (control + Click in Mac) and select get info


Step 3

In the Get Info box, select the Option tab and look for the Start time and stop time.


Step 4

Set the start time and stop time as 0:00 and 15:00 respectively, save the settings by pressing ok.



Step 5 Create A Duplicate AAC version

Once again right click (Control + Click in mac) the file and select “Create AAC version”.


Step 6

Find the duplicate file in the library (it will be only 15 seconds in duration) and right click on it (Control + Click in mac) and select show in windows explorer (or similar in Mac).


Step 7

In the file directory select the file and rename it, also change the file extension from M4A to M4r If any warning comes, press ok (trust us).


Step 8

Now drag the file in the iTunes’s tones tab, and congratulations for your new ringtone and the trick you just learned.

Now, you can sync the tone to the iPhone anytime you want, just like syncing music files and make your iPhone different from others in the crowd. Users may download a software to changing the format and cropping the tune, but learning a new trick is better than depending on some software that may just turn out to be a virus.

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