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The Makers of the Line messenger and many other apps which include line camera, line ranger, line cookie run etc. on Wednesday introduced a new app for Apple smartphones. The new app is a camera based app that has been designed especially for enhancing the process of taking selfies.

The new selfie focused based camera app is iOS dubbed B612. The B612 app has been launched for smartphones that run iOS 7.0 or higher. The app has been launched only for iOS and the Maker (Naver) is asking android users to “Wait a Little while” to get an android version of the app. The name of the app has been inspired by the name of the planet in the novel named “The Little Prince”.


This app for iOS only uses the front facing camera of the phone. Users can touch anywhere on the screen to click the picture. The app also provides silent shutter sound option. The app doesn’t save the photo until the user presses the save button that is displayed in the bottom right corner of the phone when the image is clicked. Buttons for sharing the picture directly to social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is also available.

The camera app comes with 43 filters to enhance the picture from which the user can choose the effect/ filter by just swiping on the screen. Random option to choose the effect is also provided to save time and explore different and new filters. The app also comes with a soft-focus option, with the help of which we can highlight faces and objects in the clicked photograph. The option to make a collage is very easy using the collage feature.

Last month the company also launched the line selfie sticker app with the help of which user can turn its selfie into a sticker and send it as sticker.


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