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YouTube on Android allowing you to choose your choice of resolution to watch a video is certainly not a new thing. However, up till now, the highest resolution available has been to FullHD that is 1080p but things are bound to change very soon. It appears that, from now, it will be possible to view movies in 1440p on LG G3 , one of the few Smartphones in the market to present a screen with QHD resolution, but it’s not just  limited to this device, it is a feature available to all devices (Smartphone and tablets) with a screen resolution higher than FullHD.

All you have to do is start any movie you like available in high definition, and select the preferred resolution from the menu that appears by touching the screen while playing a video. The main reason why the 1440p option may not appear on all QHD-equipped devices is that Google could simply be trying things, and therefore slowly roll in random users.


With the LG G3, FullHD resolution has first arrived at the real mass market, this is one of the reasons why this Smartphone has been sold handsomely and probably has satisfied several million users. But what to do when there are no matching content for high resolution? If you use YouTube, then you wouldn’t get disappointed in any case .

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After reading several blogs and forum posts on the web, it seems that only some people are able to find the 1440p option on YouTube, while others are not. This is not too surprising, considering YouTube tends to have problems when it comes to recognizing and matching resolutions, as evidenced by the fact that even the very popular Nexus 5 does not allow anything higher than 720p.

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