The software giant, Microsoft has kicked off its first ever global ‘one-week hackathon’ across 114 countries worldwide for its employees. With the vision to think differently, the aim is to come up with apps and solutions for use.

Bhaskar Pramanik, Chairman, Microsoft India, said in a statement that “When Satya took over as CEO, he outlined a change in our strategy. We have redefined it as being a productivity and platform company, for the mobile first and cloud first world”. With the aim to induce challenger spirit in its employees, the company has taken this step to promote a culture of “growth hacking” amongst its pupils. Taking steps to stabilize its struggling market share, the company has taken to the roads of transformation: from incumbent to challenger, since cloud and mobile technology have taken the front seat.

The hackathon is the company’s first ever companywide exercise in growth hacking, in an attempt to reinvent the way the company ideologies and encourage the rise of ideas. Pramanik also says, “There are areas where we have low market share, whether it is the Windows phone or tablets. There is a huge opportunity in both these spaces. We are trying to get our employees to think about ways in which we can disrupt what we have done so far, relook every situation we are in, and differentiate. To growth-hack, is to have the mindset that you need to find the shortest path to success. It is what we call ‘Jugaad’, but based on principles, to make sure your methods stand the test of time”.

With over 2,000 employees hacking across seven cities in India, there have been more than 650 ideas for apps. Frank X. Shaw, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Communications, said that, “We wanted to have a week-long celebration that was global in nature, as opposed to a single, Redmond-based activity that was streamed globally. We wanted to make sure that we combined the Product Fair in with the rest of the activities. And more importantly, we wanted to have a hackathon that the entire company could participate in”.

Featured Image Courtesy: Microsoft News