Google+ (Google plus), a social networking website owned and operated by Google inc. is the second largest in the world after Facebook. Its photo storage and editing tools are probably the most important and useful features. It has been reported that Google is planning to part away with its existing photo functions (share, store, edit, enhance) of Google+ to provide it with a new identity as an individual product that will be accessible even to users that don’t have a Google+ account. But at the same time, it’ll be available to existing members as well.

Being the most used feature of Google+, the company took it as an opportunity to increase its user base by allowing users to access the wonderful photo enhancement features without any baggage of signing up to Google+ and it’s definitely a boon to those who are not interested in Google+ for networking.

The photography aspects of Google+ have received updates over the past year even as the rest of the features of the product haven’t changed. Google had its own stand-alone photo service for years in Picasa, but the features included in Google+ Photos overshadowed the older options years ago. Google essentially deactivated Picasa as a standalone service in 2013, with URLs redirecting to Google+ but it seems the time might be right for the company to unbundle those two pieces once again.

Now saying “Cheese”, getting it “Clicked”, and everything else you could do after that is going be easier, free from forced sign up process and there’s no doubt that Google+ photo tools are best in class even with strong competition from a host of other competitors.