Facebook, the site which we use more than our books and pretty much everything that is of importance made a change on their website that is so negligible that you might never notice it.

The change that Facebook made to site is in the form of changing one particular icon. And yes! Only one particular icon & If you still couldn’t find it, look for the notification icon (Globe icon).

facebook 2

The new icon shows many Asian regions, although the change is negligible and won’t make any difference to anyone but it is these small changes that makes the experience more personalized.

Unlike other launches and changes, Facebook didn’t make any announcement about the change. Although the change was recently made but was present in the developer’s version since couple of years.

Months ago, Google did the same thing with their logo, and they too didn’t make any announcement but was surprisingly spotted by the many users around the world.


Feature Image Source: Ubergizmo