“Something went wrong” – Facebook was again down and seemed completely inaccessible for over half an hour. This is the second time Facebook has suffered such a disturbance in the last two months . Huge disorder was witnessed on Facebook on Friday evening. The Social Network was impossible to achieve for a short time. Instead of the usual site, the error message “Sorry, something went wrong” displayed. Occasionally you could see the timeline, but the fields in which otherwise the updates are read by friends, remain empty.

This message started flickering from 9:30 pm (India time) on August 1, 2014 instead of the Facebook social network on the screens . Then half an hour later, the situation seemed to have relaxed again. The page structure of the social network appeared to be slower than usual, but nevertheless Facebook was achievable.


In a statement, Facebook states: “This morning we had some reports from people having problems accessing Facebook. We have investigated the problem quickly and currently restored the service for each user. We apologize for the inconvenience. “

It continues: “We are still looking for the cause, but it seems to be a technical problem. There is no evidence of suspicious activity. Some people may have temporary error or long loading times while we restore the service. “

Featured Image Courtesy: iMore