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With pen drives having become a device of daily use in transferring important data, security is one important parameter. At a lot of times, you carry valuable data in your pen drive and it is important that you have it secured. Kingston DataTraveler Vault Privacy takes care of all your privacy with the end-to-end encryption and thereby protecting every single file you store in it. We got the 16GB variant of this device for review and here’s what we have to say on this.

Design and Build

Kingston DataTraveler Vault Privacy 3.0 is very elegantly build and is very light in weight. A couple of times I even forgot that it is there in my pocket. The Kingston branding is large and bright on one side with the storage capacity mentioned under it. On the other side, you would find the name of the model i.e. DataTraveler Vault Privacy 3.0 in this case. The edges are properly cornered, however the surface area does have a curve to give a smooth grip.


The drive has an aluminium casing and thus it saves the drive from the occasional drops that might happen. But yes, do not go on the pretty looks. This model developed by Kingston is highly targeted towards those users who carry very valuable and private data along with them in pen drives. With an end-to-end encryption, Kingston DataTraveler Vault Privacy makes the data transfer highly reliable.

Getting Started and Performance

The drive gives us 14.2GB capacity and this is pretty good as we generally see a lot of space being eaten up by the device software. You could use it on both Mac and Windows after formatting it to FAT32 file system. What more? Kingston DataTraveler Vault Privacy also supports Linux operating system. This makes the job of file transfer as easy and as secured you would want it to be.


The logic behind the name Vault Privacy is the presence of the 256-bit AES encryption which is present in Cipher Block Chaining(CBC) mode. As soon as the device was detected after we inserted into a USB 3.0 slot, a Kingston icon’ed drive appeared in My Computer and on launching the same, we were prompted for the password. It requires the password to be unlocked and used every single time. The encryption level present is as high as what you would find in the Top Secret government documents. Be very careful during the initial and setup a password which you are sure you would remember. After you have set the password, the drive will now be discovered by the computer and you can use it at ease.


One can only try out 10 wrong passwords after which the entire data would be erased and the drive would be formatted. You would realize the level of security when you read the next line. The count of 10 remains even when one plugs and unplugs the drive multiple times, it does not reset.

We did a CrystalDiskMark benchmark test with the Kingston DataTraveler inserted in a USB 3.0 slot and the results were quite impressive- a read speed of 169.8 MB per second and a write speed of 23.31 MB per second. This is even better than what the company claims i.e. 165MB per second for read and 22MB per second for write.



If you want to make sure that the data you carry is highly secure along with a high-level encryption protection, Kingston DataTraveler Vault Privacy 3.0 is the best fit for you. It has an elegant and rugged design and comes at a decent price of around $60 although it was initially priced at $109. The presence of the security levels makes it one of the most secure pen drives we have come across.

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