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With the increasing use of portable devices, it gets difficult to manage the files across all the devices. Managing them through a cloud account is one solution, doing it through a physical storage device is another. Syncing via a cloud account requires a data connection to access the files. However, with the help of Strontium Nitro Plus microSD card, managing files across multiple devices is now an easy task.

Strontium Nitro Plus microSD card comes with a couple of adapters which can be used with other devices- a microSD adapter and a pen drive adapter. We got the 64GB variant for review and let us see how it worked for us.

Speed testing

Strontium Nitro Plus UHS-1 card is available in three storage options- 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. The three variants have the same technical specifications except for the storage capacity and all of them come with the microSD and pen drive adapters. The Singapore-based company also claims that the Nitro Plus cards are temperature proof, magnet proof, water proof and X-ray proof.


These Nitro Plus cards are SDXC cards, so you should make sure that your smartphone support it before you actually go and spend a heavy amount to buy these. These are generally supported by all the high-end smartphones but you just might want to check once before buying. On testing the microSD speed on an Android smartphone, we got read and write speeds of  48 MB per second and 58 MB per second respectively.

For the 64GB Nitro Plus variant, Strontium claims a read speed of 80 MB per second and a write speed of 60 MB per second. The numbers are pretty impressive but we need to carry out a few benchmark tests to check out how it beaves in real-time situations. Here is what we have:


The read and write speeds are actually quite impressive. Trying out the pen drive adapter, it gives a much better performance than the usual USB 2.0 pen drives available in the market. Nitro Plus gives excellent read-write speeds when used with the SD adapter and so is the case when used as a microSD card in a mobile device.

Should you buy it?


The answer to this question depends a lot on what kind of fiels you deal in. If it is the PDFs and doc files is all you care about, an account on Dropbox or Google Drive could solve the purpose. However, if you carry heavy files with you and you need to open them on various devices, say a laptop, a tablet and a smartphone, then Strontium Nitro Plus UHS-1 Card is an amazing buy for you.

The presence of the SD adapter and the high read-write speed makes it an excellent candidate to be used in DSLR cameras. All high-utility accessories come at a good cost and Nitro Plus card is no exception. Here are the prices:

  • 16GB – Rs. 1,449
  • 32GB – Rs. 2,688
  • 64GB – Rs. 5,379
  • 128GB – Rs. 9,499

We feel it is an amazing buy if its the large-size files you need to work with. Be it your smartphone, laptop, tablet or DSLR, Nitro Plus card will work perfect will all of them. What more? Inside the box, you get a unique code to access the full version of MyBackup Pro on your Android smartphone which is priced at $4.99 on Google Play Store.

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