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Candy Crush Saga notifications is one of the most annoying thing on Facebook. I am writing this post only after looking at so many status updates where people just keep complaining of these notifications. And trust me it is just a 2 seconds process to block all the Candy Crush Saga notifications forever. Although there are no second thoughts on the fact that Candy Crush Saga by King.com is one of the most addicted apps on our smartphone, but you really do not want to suffer of those notifications just because some friend of yours keeps playing it all day.

Here are 4 simple steps to turn off Candy Crush Saga notifications permanently:

1. Log on to your Facebook account and click on the Notifications button on the top-right

2. Hover to the X button on any Candy Crush notification which prompts Turn Off


3. Click X and you get an option to turn off all the Candy Crush Saga notifications


4. Click on Turn Off and you have the peace- no more Candy Crush Saga notifications ever


5. To confirm the same, navigate to Notification settings and ensure that Candy Crush Saga app box is unchecked


We hope that it helped you. You may thanks us in the comments below. 😉

Some images are courtesy of BI

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