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If you are travelling abroad and still want to stay connected to your friends and family back there, we have got these apps together which are the most widely used ones for international calling. Although there are a number of instant messaging apps that keep you connected to your close ones, but it is always a nice feeling to hear a ‘Hi! I miss you!’ from your friend(you know who we are talking about) or maybe a ‘How are you?’ from your parents. Here are the top 5 apps for international calling that you can use at nominal rates.


Skype is one app which was the first of those applications to introduce international calling and this certainly deserves to be on the top spot. Skype has made calling popular by using VoIP. To call your contacts directly, you can always buy Skype credits. The international calling is absolutely free if the call recepient is already on Skype. The Skype app is available on all leading mobile platforms and is free for download.


Nimbuzz finds itself in the mature layers in the domain of international calling at affordable rates. You can get some amazing calling rates and a seamless pay-as-you-go service using NimbuzzOut and this enables you to make international calls at a low cost and also local calling by purchasing credits. Nimbuzz claims that users can save their bill by upto 95 percent by purchasing and using NibuzzOut credits. Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz calling is ofcourse free here.



Viber syncs with your contacts enabling you to call your friends. You could also call a friend even if he/she is not on Viber by using the app itself. After the latest app update, uses can call, send text and video messages and also share their location.

Google Voice via Hangouts

If you are using Android, you certainly have the Hangouts app pre-installed in your smartphone and you could use it for voice calling, text messaging and also share media. On the desktop version which is integrated within Gmail and Google+, you could simply dial a number to make a call or leave a voicemail.


Fring app is avaialable for download on Android, iOS and Symbian phones and it allows you to call you Fring friends. For calling your friends who are not on Fring, you can use the FringOut service which is available at cheap rates and can also be used as an office extension.

Image Source: WPcentral

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