In the latest update for Twitter on Android, you can share a tweet via WhatsApp. It works perfectly on an individual tweet. This is an amazing addition considering the growth and popularity of WhatsApp in the current internet age.

WhatsApp share was earlier too available as a sharing option but the user had to first click on the share button and then select WhatsApp. With the new update, Twitter has reduced a step and made it easier for the users to share on the popular instant messaging app.


With the WhatsApp popularity growing steadily, Twitter becomes the first third-party application to implement a WhatsApp-share button. Go ahead and update to the latest version and enjoy easy sharing.

A new feature called ‘retweet with comment’ is also being tested by Twitter which will allow users to express in 140 characters while retweeting. Here, the retweet would be shown as a Twitter card. The ‘quote tweet’ feature restricted the user to 140 characters which also included the tweet which was being retweeted.