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How Gadgets Affect Our Life

Although everybody is physically present but not mentally

Gadgets: they are more than a bunch pieces made of plastic or metal in our lives right? A decade ago phones were only meant for making calls, there was no thing called a Tablet, PCs were only used to send emails. Things have changed now. Mobile phones have changed the dimension of portability of technology. Today, they are more than just call making devices. Tablets are on course to replace laptops. We are surrounded by Gadgets everywhere. But have you ever wondered, how can they affect our lives? Well they obviously make it easier in a lot of ways but overuse of these facilitating devices can harm us in a lot more ways than we think. The video ‘Look Up’ showed how over-usage of mobile phones can change your life (in a negative way). That was one of the problems, let’s look for some other problems which these gadgets can cause if used immensely. If your computer isn’t running properly, get laptop and computer repairs done right by North Lakes PC Repairs.


There is a difference between playing football on a gaming console and playing it in real. Excessive usage of gadgets always reduces the physical activity. No physical activity and constant working on a laptop results in obesity. Further, obesity is an invite to certain chronological diseases including heart problems. Moreover, people especially children spend most of their time on these gadgets rather than going out and playing with their friends. It is true, life has been a lot easier since inception of the devices like mobile phones, television, laptops but they also make one lazy. A very good example of this is e-commerce. Everyone wants to shop sitting inside their room. Obviously it saves time and energy, but what about the decreasing physical activity of our body?


To define it in one sentence, depression is loss of interest to do anything. Excessive use of gadgets can lead to depression. Continuous negative moods, aggression, lack of communication are some of the symptoms of depression. Well you must be thinking, gadgets make communication easier than how can it lead to depression? Communication here means face-to-face communication. With constant use of gadgets, one lose track of their surroundings; you have no interest in what’s happening around you because you are too intoxicated with technology. How many times we have observed people bumped into their phones while they are out with their friends. Not only friends, even relationships are victims of this problem.

Sleep Disorder

This is one of the latest additions to the list. Parents tend to avoid giving gadgets to their children to a certain age because of often over usage of these devices lead to non-recommended sleeping patterns. Waking up until late at night while sitting on Facebook has been a problem among teenagers for some time now. Further, these sleeping patterns tend to develop odd eating habits which affect our health drastically if not taken care of.

Stress and Aggression

Recent studies have found that smartphone addiction can increase stress levels in humans. Anxiety, nervousness, aggression are some complementary problems. Waiting for an important call or a text message can further add to the stress level.

Also researchers have found that children who are addicted to gadgets tend to be more aggressive in nature than those who are not. Aggression can be really helpful in some situations but often it leads to disputes between two people.

Eye Sight

This is one of the most major problems related to gadgets. Smartphones, laptops, televisions all require eyes to enjoy the benefit they offer. However, constant watching television or using laptops can strain one’s eyes. This has been more common among the children where they often end up with big lens glasses at a very tender age. Occasional itching and dryness of the eyes are some other problems which can be caused by the overuse. If not eyes, various gadgets like headphones, speakers cause hearing problems.

Other problems include infidelity (decrease in the production of sperms in man), cancer (leukemia, brain, skin, stomach etc.), back pain and adverse effect during pregnancy.

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