The 64GB variant of Moto X is now officially announced by Motorola after having been part of the rumours for the last few months. The smartphone will initially be available only in US. To a surprise, Indian market did not get a chance to even get the 32GB variant. With the announce of the 64GB Moto X, we think that the 32GB variant might well be skipped from India. The 64GB verison will cost $449 which is $50 more than the 32GB version and $100 higher than the 16GB model.

The company also started a one day promotional scheme named ‘Try Then Buy’ for US customers on June 8 wherein the customers could try Moto X for up to two weeks, after which they could return or buy it. The device could be designed and ordered from Moto Maker with just $0.01 upfront. The device would then be shipped and could be used for up to two weeks. The user could then either buy it or return the same with no charge at all. On deciding to buy the phone after the trial, the buyers would get a 30 percent discount promo code on Moto X accessories.

Motorola is also expected to launch Moto X+1 on the last day of Summer or equinox i.e. September 23 this year.

Image source: authintmedia