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Image Courtesy: Ecumenical News

In terms of rumours, quite a lot has been known about the iPhone 6 but what about the phone that could actually throw some tough competition to the upcoming smartphone from Apple. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 entered the rumour list just after the company’s latest flagship phone the Galaxy S5 was launched back in march. Samsung has been relying greatly on the S and Note series from past few years. Last year’s Note 3 was a beast no doubt but rumours suggest that the upcoming Note 4 might be a massive upgrade from Note 3. If that’s true we can see some tough battle between the iPhone 6 and the Note 4. Let’s look at the rumoured features of Note 4 that could turn the table for Samsung.


September Launch

From the past 3 years, Samsung has been announcing the Note series at the Unpacked Episode 2 event which takes place at the IFA (Samsung’s annual tech fest). So don’t be surprised if company follows the same launching strategy with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 by launching it at this year’s IFA in September which will take place in Berlin. With Apple expected to launch its next iPhone in September, there could be no better time for Samsung to launch Note 4 and take the battle directly to the next generation iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Launch

Image Courtesy: GSMarena


When we say Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to be a massive upgrade, it surely has to mean something relating to specifications. Samsung launched last year’s Note 3 with top notch specs of that time and was the first smartphone to have a 3GB of RAM. If rumours are to be believed, Note 4 will have the following specifications.


Model Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 Octa-Core / big LITTLE 16-core Exynos Processor
Display 5.7 inch OHD display with 2K resolution (2560×1440 pixels)
Storage 128 GB of Internal Storage.
Camera 20.7 Megapixel rear mounted Camera, No Front Camera
Battery 3600/3800 mAh Battery

If these specifications are true than Note 4 would possibly be the best smartphone in terms of specifications. Two things which really could take the smartphone to another level of achievement are the 4GB RAM and 128GB of Internal Storage. On the top of this, Note 4 is also likely to come with next version of Android 4.5 named Lollipop. Moreover, with Both Apple iPhone 6 variants expected to pack the sapphire crystal glass display, 64-bit A8 chip and run iOS 8, it will be interesting to see if Apple can make its mark in the specification battle.

S-Pen Stylus


Image Courtesy: Techradar

Well this has been one of the most distinctive features of Note series plus Apple is quite unlikely to add this in the next iPhone. S-Pen as we all know adds functionality to the user experience of Samsung Galaxy Note series. With subsequent innovations in the design, Samsung is trying to replace the concept of Pen and Paper used to make notes, highlight certain stuff or even draw and edit images. Some people rarely use it while some can’t go through a day without S-Pen. It would be interesting to see how Samsung integrates the S-Pen with this year’s Note 4.


Samsung Gear 3


Image Courtesy: Gizmag

Another rumour which has recently gain attention is that the Note 4 might well be bundled with the next generation Samsung Gear smartwatch. Even though Samsung Gear 2 was just launched in April, Samsung is planning to release the 3rd version of the wearable in September. This could be because of rumours of a launch of similar wearable from Apple and LG with their flagship smartphones. “Samsung is trying to shorten the release cycle since other rivals, including Apple and LG Electronics, are expected to roll out their own smartwatches.” – A leak said. Nothing has been revealed about the specifications of the wrist band gadget.


Software Features

Rumours have been going around about Note 4 to feature some software changes. Samsung always makes few changes when it comes to the software of the Note Series. According to Sammobile, the company is potentially testing certain features like Aqua Capture, Motion Gesture Unlock, Smart Fingerprint and Multi-network for booster on the next generation Note phablet.

  • Aqua Capture: A feature from Samsung Galaxy S4 Active which allow users to capture photos under water.
  • Motion Gesture Unlock: This feature could be similar to what we saw in HTC One M8 where users could unlock the phone with just swiping anywhere on the screen even on standby.
  • Smart Fingerprint: The fingerprint concept on Galaxy S5 just couldn’t match the one found in iPhone 5s but with Note 4 Samsung could try to improve upon on the sensitivity on the Fingerprint sensor and might also allow user to use it for other purposes like Account logins, payment etc.
  • Multi-network for Booster: This could be similar to the feature which was introduced in Galaxy S5 that allows you maximise your download speed by using both cellular data and Wi-Fi for downloading large files.

In addition to that, Samsung is also planning to launch Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime or Samsung Galaxy F in September – @evleaks tweeted. Samsung Galaxy F is believed to be similar to S5 but with more premium design and specifications. That means Samsung could well be launching 2 products at the same event. Let’s see if these rumours come out to be true.

Feature Image Courtesy: Ecumenical News 

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