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Are you a gaming freak looking to upgrade your graphics card?

Hold on, before you go ahead and do that, we would recommend you to have a look at Kingston’s HyperX Predator memory series. Maybe a simple memory upgrade could solve your purpose and give your system a relatively low crash rate and a better gaming experience. Also, this is a better investment as the graphic card makers are ready to burn a hole in your pocket with the hefty price tags they put.


At the time of writing, the price of this 8GB of 2,600MHz RAM is $93.74 on Amazon. The RAM has a good latency timings, effective heat-dissipation and the build quality makes the device stay stable under stress.



On installing the HyperX Predator RAM on our motherboard supporting upto 2,600MHz, it worked pretty fine with low signs of crashing on running high end games or running multiple heavy applications at the same time. The RAM houses two XMP profiles- one boosting the frequency to 2,667MHz with timings of 11-14-14-30, and a second operating at a more conservative 2,401MHz, but with lower latency: 11-13-13-30. This is a good performance shown by Kingston. In the memory bandwidth benchmark tests that we did, higher frequency profile reported higher GB/s. However, in the practical application of the RAM, lower frequency one yielded higher frames in a high-end game Assasin’s Creed Unity.

The HyperX Predator is a good option for early starters. The radiators provide an efficient heat dissipation system as compared to the existing XMP members in the market. Moreover, it is way better than the standard 1,600MHz 8GB kit like the Corsair 2x 4GB Vengeance Black nor the 2x 4GB LP White RAM. These did not give better memory bandwidth figures in the benchmark tests.


Sleek build

Following are the specifications highlights:

Brand Kingston
Model KHX24C11T2K2/8X
Pros Good looks, effective heat dissipation
Price $93.74
Warranty Lifetime
Available in 8GB and 16GB variants

Here is a round-up of our review of Kingston HyperX Predator 8GB 2,400MHz RAM:

  • Works without crash while running heavy applications simultaneously
  • Provides a smooth gaming experience
  • Two XMP profiles
  • Brilliant performance

Our Verdict

If you already have a high performance GPU installed, its time to enhance your machine with this tough looking HyperX Predator RAM.

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