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Apple plans to match Microsoft Surface with split-screen iPad multitasking in iOS 8

Apple plans to match Microsoft Surface with split-screen iPad multitasking in iOS 8

Resources close to Apple have revealed that pole is working on development of split screen multitasking in iOS devices which would make the iOS devices compete surface tablet in terms of multitasking. As of now in all the iOS devices the the apps can be used one by one and not simultaneously that is using one app closing the previous one however in comparison the apps in Microsoft’s Surface tablet can be used simultaneously with split screen. It has been long that that iOS users have been asking for the multi tasking feature, and Apple has finally accepted this feature to work on.

Snap feature in Microsoft

Microsoft has snap feature in its surface tabs that helps the users to snap the apps onto the same screen so that they can use them simultaneously. So next time you go to attend a lecture you would be able to record the lecture and simultaneously jot down the notes in your iOS apps.  Microsoft has this ad below which beautifully explains the difference in iPad and Surface tablet in terms of snap feature.

Apple is believed to do things differently and even in this feature they have something different for its users, they are developing this feature in a way that will help the apps to interact very easily like you want to transfer some images to video from one app to the other and you can easily do that. This would mean Apple will make the developers enable the XPC feature in their apps that would help them share content with other apps. This feature can be one of the selling points of the large screen Apple iPad that Apple is planning to launch in 2015.

Enjoy the Video below to see how Microsoft explains the difference in the Microsoft Surface tablet and the iPad.

Some other features Apple is working on

Healthbook Application

Apple is working on an health book application that would help its users to connect iPad to medical and fitness devices and applications to measure and analyse blood data, weight changes and sleep cycles.

Public Transit Routing in Maps and iCloud Infrastructure

They also seem to be working on bringing improvements in the public transit feature for the map apps and the iCloud infrastructure.

iCloud Infrastructure

Apple is going to officially unbox the new version Mac operating system at the keynote on 2nd June. Stay connected to GA for the updates.

Featured Image Courtesy: 9to5mac

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