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It is that time of the year when there is a large boom in E-sports, especially after what Valve started four years ago at Gamescom which became what we now know to be- The International.

The tournament will now see its fourth edition in action with ten teams already invited to play at the venue including last year’s astounding winner and favourite Alliance as well as runner up Na’vi. Last year’s prize pool reached an all-time high for any E-Sports tourney and stood at about three million, thanks to Valve’s cool million and the astonishing number of Dota players all over the world through the purchase of The Compendium which added an additional 2.50 USD for every purchase.

This year Valve aims to give much more to the loyal members of the community by increasing the number of rewards and perks when you purchase that glowing, devilishly-purple book, The Compendium (last-time it was more like demonic-green). On the official Dota 2 website’s page, we can see a vertical meter that fills up as the prize pool increases and on completion of certain goals, bigger rewards are given to all players having the Compendium.

The prize pool as of the time of writing stands at $1,848,508. The maximum target that Valve has set is 6 million which allows users to customize a building through an option provided. This target certainly looks too steep as the math tells us that it would need a whopping 2.4 million purchase of the Compendium from which Valve would coolly pocket 18 million USD just from base $10 purchases, not speaking of the extra cash that some would shell out to earn levels on the Compendium.

Yes, the Compendium has several levels and on levelling up, you are destined to receive insane rewards. Every 100 points gives you a level and higher levels grants you to get rewards like custom visuals, item appearances which will last until July 28th. An alternate mini-pudge courier is granted to level 50 Compendium owners. Levelling up can be done by completing several tasks for which you receive points. This time The International’s mascot courier will be Kunkka’s pet parrot, Lieutenant Squawkins (It looks kinda cute!). There are chances of unlocking immortal treasures and you will also receive a battle point booster “without” a time limit i.e until July 28th.

Valve is looking to become the world’s largest E-Sports manager and it seems like no one out there can stop them…. well at least for now.

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