Nokia 220

Imagine a pre-loaded Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo Messenger App feature phone to take your social life to the next level at just Rs 2800, while the statement is yet to sink in; Nokia has made that statement a reality through its 220 model handset.

Model Nokia 220
Display 2.4 Inch
Cameras 2 MP rear
Battery 1100 mAh
Price  Rs 2749

The Nokia 220 looks like a candy bar. The phone is very light and comfortable to hold and the several color options available is an added bonus. The display is only 2.4 inches in size and sports QVGA resolution; it does work fine in the feature phone segment. The Camera has a 2 MP sensor and is similar to what we have seen in entry level phones many years back. The LED light comes handy when in need of a torch. The storage is expandable up to 32 GB using MicroSD support, which is so much of storage that is a boon for the music buffs given the tonnes of songs it can be loaded on to.

The battery is rated 1100 mAh and Nokia has guaranteed up to 59 Hours of music playback which does seem true if the user does not access the social apps that much. At a price as low as Rs 2,749, it would not be bad to consider using this phone as a secondary handset if you are not a whatsapp user(too bad to be true). People might opt for Nokia Asha 500 instead of this by shedding a few more bucks since whatsapp penetration is huge in India. Feature phone markets never die out and Nokia releasing this along with the other heavy phones is a clear indication that the above statement is true.

Feature Image: FoneArena