Post the MWC & Build 2014, it is not a surprise that people’s anxiety has taken a beating given that there are no major technology conferences nor any official press releases/conferences about flagships until June.

However, there are enough leaks and interesting news going around on the internet on what could be expected from each of the major brands that rule the mobile market share.

WWDC – Will we get iOS 8?


After seeing Samsung, HTC and Nokia launch flagships that surely could eat up Apple’s market share, Apple has announced June 2– June 6 as the date for its Worldwide developers conference to be held at San Francisco.

Reports suggest that we could expect news on iOS 8 and Mac OS X 10.10 with speculation that a couple of devices too might be launched. Let us hope Apple has enough on its sleeve to make its competitors go mad.

Motorola has made a statement with 2 hugely successful phones – Moto X and Moto G. While we still meddle with those and enjoy using it, news is out that Moto X plus 1 is the next offering that we could see from Motorola. Whether it is a phone or an idea that announces the pairing of Moto X and Moto 360 is for us to wait and find out. Moto G had plastic; Moto X had wood will the next Moto offering have Leather?


Another information that has leaked in the internet is the specifications of Note 4. Even though we are 4-5 months away from witnessing its launch, the specifications that are leaked cover every aspect of the handset. It is safe for us to assume it is completely false since this is too early to be true.

Model Note 4
Display 2K Resolution
Processor 1.2 GHz
Internal Storage 32GB
OS Android 4.5
Cameras 20.7 MP rear

The main USP of the leak seems to be the camera’s ability to be with OIS(Optical image stabilization) a feature that none of the released Samsung phones have.

While I am not going to judge on the leaks on Moto X and Note 4, I do hope WWDC lands big blows to the other players in the market.

Image Courtesy: Latimes, Droid Life